February 13

It is Friday Internet, and I’m nosy.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

Do you even celebrate the day?

If you do,  what are you fixing for supper?

Are you getting your hubbie a card? chocolates? nothing? making a special meal?

Every year since we have been married, I have gotten Superman a giant Hershey Kiss.    This will be the first year that he won’t get one.    I have something else up my sleeve though.

I will be sharing tomorrow.


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29 thoughts on “February 13”

  1. We are having a Valentine dinner at church. The teens are preparing and serving the meal! My husband and I will be going. (We have two teens who will be “working” the tables.)

    I bought my husband a big Reeses peanut butter heart. He loves Reeses peanut butter cups.

  2. In a weird V-day tradition, we typically go out to dinner with another couple. So romantic, huh? We are going out for pizza and beers, then to another pub to play pool. Then probably home by 10, because I’m singing a solo in church on Sunday.
    Woo hoo Valentine’s day!
    Actually, we don’t celebrate it much because our anniversary is at the end of the month on 2/29, so we save a celebrating til then.

  3. We don’t do anything. Our kids had Valentine’s parties at preschool and got ridiculous amounts of candy. We’ll probably pour a glass of good wine and enjoy after the kids are in bed!

  4. We are having pizza with the pepperonis arranged in heart shapes, per hubby’s request. The pizza is his request not the heart shapes. That was my idea. We usually try to do something special. Even if it is not very fancy.

    We also are planning on quiting our job as parents at 6pm tomarrow night and letting the kids put themselves to bed. 😉

  5. Valentine’s is one day that I refuse to cook. We typically go out. And we exchange cards. But that’s it. Usually no presents or flowers. Tomorrow we are going to an afternoon movie and early dinner since my son has a hockey games at 8:15pm.

  6. Our church has a banquet that is a soldout affair. We have a catered meal with live music. Its a fun evening out, low stress for the guys as they give out roses, and we all have a great time. We look forward to it every year.

    Great fundraiser too!!!

  7. Well, tomorrow I’ll make my BF a yummy breakfast…I’m thinkig pancakes with homemade strawberry sauce and homemade whipped cream. We exchange gifts for every occasion, but this year he didn’t want a gift for VD, since his birthday and our anniversary are coming up he wants a BIG present instead of three little one…hehehe. As usual I’ll give him a handmade card by me 😉
    In the afternoon I have to attend to a frinds Bridal Shower and I hope that in the evening my BF plans something special (have to cross my fingers)

  8. lets see…….your mother works in the morning…afternoon????hair appts. evening???me…napping in recliner and your mother playing games on the computer….

  9. I got my husband a card and a bag of V-Day M&Ms. He really likes all the goodies I bake, but somehow nothing beats M&Ms for him! Out to dinner tonight and then I have to figure out what to do for dinner at home tomorrow.

  10. Since we just went out for the girls birthday – with 8 of us is was a hefty amount – so I’m thinking that if we go out it will just be the 2 of us to a restaurant where we have a gift card to. I should probably call about reservations since it is V-day. But I won’t be cooking if I can help it – not that I’ve done much cooking so far this week. 😆

    I’ll go out Sat. to buy gifts for the kids and my Sunday school kids as the prices will probably be quite low.

  11. My hubby is leaving out of state early in the morning so……….I think we will do something special tonight. Probably quiet movie at home!

  12. I’m with Gramps! We don’t usually do anything special except, sometimes, we combine Valetines Day with my birthday which is later this month. My birthday will be on Feb 3,265th, 1988…..and I will be 39! Think about it.(must be leap year).

  13. Tim has to work, but I got him a Ty Teddy Bear that is holding a heart and a chocolate candy bar. I will probably put it in his truck.

    I plan on catching up on my school work after a very busy week at work.

  14. well, my sweet man has to work tomorrow…he is on storm duty with the electric company, but today I went out and bought him the movie Appaloosa, and a bag of reeses cups, the miniature ones that he loves, and a card, so he will find that in his truck in the am.

  15. My hubby has to work tomorrow, too, but it is our 8th wedding anniversary! However, he got me some gorgeous flowers & a card today, and I got him a box of his favorite chocolate-covered caramels & a card (and a card from Dominic!). So we’re celebrating Sunday night – he lined up a babysitter, and we’re going to our favorite restaurant & shopping for baby stuff! So tomorrow night, I will be babysitting my best friend’s three little girls while she & her hubby go to a V-day banquet at their church.

  16. I am taking my guys out for breakfast tomorrow. Then I am fixing roasted chicken, noodles, peas, and maybe some mashed potatoes for dinner. Top it off with a pink frosted angel food cake. I got them some little candies they like. Now I will sit back and see if this is all reciprocated. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

  17. Hubby and I both hated Valentine’s Day when we were single…just bitter, I suppose.

    Our 1st Valentine’s was very sweet, but our second one was one that we will never forget. At 2:04 am on February 14, 2007, our son Daniel was born.

    Needless to say Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days in our lives now. God sure has a sense of humor!

    (so tomorrow’s dinner will be hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad and a Thomas and Friends birthday cake.)

  18. I am in the flower business so its work, work, work right up until the last minute of Valentine’s night. I am usually so tired from helping other people celebrate that I forget all about doing anything for or with my husband. I’m a bum.

  19. I know it’s late, but I made a little card for each of my older kids, with a Hershey’s Kiss attached and I also found a little shovel at Michael’s that says “I dig you.” I’m giving that to my husband. I just thought it was funny.

  20. Not all of us have and/or are interested in a “hubbie” so I guess your question is directed to a specific group of people. Nevertheless, my GIRLFRIEND and I celebrated this day over the phone because she lives in another state. She was my Valentine, though. I made ccc cookies and snicker doodles for her two daughters and bought the Power Puff Girls 10th year anniversary DVD set for my girlfriend along with a card.

  21. My hunny actually has the day off for the first time since we have been together. We opted out of going out. But we are staying home and making dinner for just the two of us. The kids are eating early and watching movies while we enjoy some peace and quiet over dinner. A rarity around here.

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