February 12

A couple of  Saturday’s ago, the girl and I went up to visit with the parents.

I took along my camera, because it was just so beautiful out.

The snow and the ice…as much of a hassle it was, it was just gorgeous.

The girl grabbed the camera and said “You want me to get some pictures?”

“Sure Punkin’. I’d love to have some pictures of the snow and ice.   See how pretty the sun is on the trees?   Doesn’t it look like diamonds.”

Later, after we arrived home from the visit, this is what I found.


Well…I see a bit of snow…





“Yeah mom.”

“Are you getting good pictures of the ice?”

“Oh…the ice.   I’m supposed to be taking pictures of the ice”

Note to self….don’t let the girl take pictures of ice ever again.

‘Cause I will end up with something totally different.


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13 thoughts on “February 12”

  1. Those are treasures and fuel for later in discussions of vanity or just to show to grandchildren!!!

    She is lovely though and the one photo of the ice on the trees is very good 😆 If only that train would have slowed down a bit….

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