14 thoughts on “February 11”

  1. Nice pics! Your mom is prettier than you, because she wears red. 😀 Oh and look! The daughter is wearing dark red. WooHoo. There’s hope for your family!

    Honestly, you have a lovely family and that includes you. 🙂

  2. I saw your Uncle Dale Monday for the first time since 2000. Same old Dale, a man of VERY few words.
    He’s a lot older, but, aren’t we all. I found myself an hour early for my Dr. appt., so, decided to try and find where he lived. Linda was outside, so, it was easy to find them. Had a nice little visit.

  3. What great shots you captured. I love the looks on both your mom’s and dad’s faces. (And I love it that your daughter still sits upon her grandfather’s knee!)

  4. They are some of my favorite people too. I sure miss my Mom. Cherish your Mother while you have her , sweetie. Life goes by sooooooo fast. You are so precious to me. I love you so. Aunt Cindy

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