February 8

Time~~how you frustrate me.

Plans~~how you fail me.

I am a planner.   I plan situations out in my head, and by now you’d think that I have learned my lesson because those plans rarely come to fruition, but still I plan…and plan.

My plans for yesterday were these…

  • Get up at 6am
  • Spend about 30 minutes tapping out a delightful blog post
  • Take a shower and finally shave my legs
  • Be at the church at 7:15am for a great day with my church ladies in Canton at a Circle of Friends conference

The reality of yesterday was this…

  • Stumble out of bed to the bathroom
  • Pry one eye open to check the time
  • F.R.E.A.K out because it is 7:10am
  • Run down the stairs to call pastor to see if the lovely church ladies will please, please, please wait on me
  • Run back upstairs
  • Rudely wake up Superman and begin to bark orders like a drill sargent
  • Take a 3 minute shower, completely forgetting about shaving the legs….again.
  • See that the girl had sweetly laid out all my hair product
  • Furiously throw on moisturizer and do hair
  • Run to the bedroom to see that the girl had sweetly laid out all my clothes
  • Throw on clothes
  • Run down the stairs
  • Grab all the stuff that Superman dutifully had done for me
  • Drive to church doing coughcoughcough mph
  • Arrive at the church 25 minutes after waking up

No slacking yesterday.


I had never heard of the Circle of Friends before.   They are a group of housewives that get together and sing.

I have a circle of friends, but we don’t sing together.

This woman is hilarious.    She comes over to my house on Tuesday nights and we eat, and laugh, and play games.    I’d go insane without her.

This is her cousin.   She brings me free range eggs.    I’d go hungry without  her.

This lovely lady is hilarious too.   She is tall and has sassy hair.    I wish I had sassy hair.    I am so glad she is my friend.


We also heard from Sheila Walsh.

Have you ever seen Sheila Walsh in person?

If you squint real hard, you can see her.

We were kinda late, sorry ladies, and we didn’t get good seats.

Sheila talked to us about letting go.

She shared some of her testimony about some of the struggles she has been having in the last couple of years, and how God has been teaching her to let go.

I took brief notes.

  • The way to God is intentional and vigorous.

I had never thought of being vigorous in my walk with God.

  • Don’t look for short cuts to God

She also read the scripture of the wise man and the foolish man building their house on the sand.    She explained that in Jerusalem, all houses were built on the sand, but you couldn’t see the foundations of the houses like you can in America today.   The weather there can go from sunny to a flash flood in an instant, and when that happens the foundations of the houses are revealed.

  • Only a storm can reveal your foundation.

It gave me pause to wonder…what kind of foundation will a storm reveal in my life.

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22 thoughts on “February 8”

  1. I love Sheila Walsh! It hasn’t been the same at the 700 Club since she left.

    Interesting comments she shared with you…wish that I had been there.

    You have some beautiful friends in your circle. Now, tell me the inside scoop…how did the group sound?

  2. I really like that added insight to the story of the wise man and the foolish man. It seems like we could all use a foundation check in times like these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So happy you could share the day with your friends, enjoying good news from other sisters in Christ.

    Your questions reminds me of the hymn
    “Alone With God”
    When storms of life are ’round me beating, when rough the path that I have trod, Within my closet door retreating, I love to be alone with God.
    Alone with God the world forbiden, alone with God, O blest retreat! Alone with God and in Him hidden, To hold with Him communion sweet.

    That is the secret isn’t it? I remember whenever I had a stressful day I would ask you to play “Sweet Hour of Prayer” for me. What a blessing that was and if I never told you thank you for that, I am now.
    You don’t know how many times that helped me, so Thanks Sweetie for doing that for me. I love you

  4. Your friends are lovely, CC and never fear…I think your hair is sassy.

    Storms and sorrow do have a way of exposing our foundation. “On the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand…” We sang that song, this morning.

    When I think of Jerusalem, I think of how it sits upon that large plateau of solid rock. Just as our faith in Jesus is built upon Him, our Solid Rock. Even when our foundation is exposed by the storm, we can still look upon Him and have incredible hope and joy! Praise God!

  5. Wow, that is something to think about. “Only a storm can reveal your foundation.”

    I hope I can hear Sheila speak someday.

  6. very interesting post today. My preacher brought up the houses built on the sand story as well, but I really like what Sheila said. Our preacher asked us what was in the center or core of our life and what were the spokes of the wheel. He reminded us that God should be in the center and family, work, relationships, etc should be the spokes. Funny how we know these things already, but when we are reminded of them, this knowledge takes on a whole new meaning. Thank you for posting this. I needed to hear it again.

  7. You have good friends and I am sure you are a good friend. I agree with Sheri: your hair is sassy and Pam: who looked at your legs.

  8. Sounds like a fun day….I have seen Sheila many times at Women of Faith…she is great and I love to hear her sing & of course her talks. She has a great web site too.
    Friends are a blessing from God!!!!

  9. Shelia Walsh post at a Christian Girls Fashion Show when I was a teen…she is AWESOME and has a wonderful testimony…not to mention singing voice!

  10. Have you ever been to a “Women of Faith” Conference. You probably know about the group of which Shelia Walsh belongs. They have some really cool devo books. I’ve enjoyed a couple of them. Glad you enjoyed your day, even though it was a struggle to get there and surely worth it.

  11. I will attest to the statement that the storms of life reveal the foundation of your life. I would say that last year was the “Year of Storms” for me or perhaps the “Year of the Longest Storm of Record in my Life”. I look back and I am seeing the foundation, it only stood (I can only stand today liturally) because I was embedded in The ROCK of Ages, The Firm Foundation and the only things that got me through 2008 were prayer, faith, hope and the love of great friends and family.

    I know for a fact that you are a great friend so I knew they would wait for you. I also knew that they would not mention the hairy legs but would love CC’s sassy hair – Yes it is too sassy just like what’s under it is!! I’m so glad that you had a good time and that your family was so sweet to help you get up and out to this event. Hope you told them thanks 😀

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