February 6

I over slept this morning, and wow did it ever feel good to do that.

It’s Friday Internet, and I’m nosy.

Tell me, what is your favorite thing about Friday’s?


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29 thoughts on “February 6”

  1. My most favorite thing about fridays are it is payday, and errand running day, which usually means I get out of the house after been home fo the whole week. And Friday usually means that my husband will be home on Saturday, so we canspend the day together doing stuff around the house. One more thing about Fridays, I teach the Teen Class at Youth Meeting At our church on Fridays, so I look forward to that also.

  2. Friday is my day off, so I don’t have to get ready to go anywhere. I can stay home and clean, spend time with my hubby, watch t.v. or whatever I want to do.

  3. I knew my morning didn’t get off on the right start. Glad you got some rest!

    Fridays are just Fridays around here, although there is usually something to do to get ready for Saturdays.

  4. That I get to close the work week (hopefully after a productive one 🙂 ) kids are home, work and fun to be had with family & friends!

    Whats your favorite thing about Friday other than its question day on the blog?

  5. Friday’s are just carry with them a sense of hopefulness. There’s so just so much potential for fun. The kids are off school, I’m off work and we could do just about anything.

  6. Every other Friday is a no school day (we do a 4-day school week). The opposite Fridays are homeschool Academy. So Fridays are definitely more laid-back and fun and often very productive.

  7. Three days off!( I work four tens). But, most of all, I want to see what “nosy Friday” is about. I want to see if it brings to mind a funny story to tell.

  8. My class at school is relaxed on Fridays. I work the little buggers hard all week and on Friday they get to watch a movie or play in our classroom. Also it is payday and I get my big check and go pay bills!!

  9. I’m excited it’s the end of a school week. However my hubby works weekends and is off Monday and Tuesdays. So I get equally excited on Sunday nights to have him home. His vacation starts Monday so I am really excited for Sunday to hurry up and get here.

    What is your favorite thing about Fridays?

  10. My favorite thing about Fridays (without the apostrophe) is the fact that I don’t have to wake up early since I teach from Monday to Thursday at 8am. Niiiiice.

  11. Favorite thing about Friday–it’s often date night and the kids just have cereal for dinner, they love that and I love not cooking for them!
    If we don’t go out, it’s usually stick-a-pizza in the oven night. Sometimes I make the real thing! I also love that on Friday I know I get to sleep in a bit Sat. morning, so I stay up extra late!

  12. LOL, as the mother of young school-age children, I have to admit my favorite day is Monday (I know that wasn’t the question, but well… some of use can’t follow directions.)

    I guess looking forward to sleeping in the next day is my favorite part.

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