February 5

Thank God for antibiotics.

I almost feel human today, and not a moment to soon.

Today I take the girl to get all her wisdom teeth removed, and we all know that mothers must feel somewhat human to be able to give out the appropriate amount of love, concern, and spoilage to toothless children.


Updating.   It is 12:30 and we are home.   The girl did just fine.   She is all numb and seeing pink flying monkeys.   Yep…this is gonna be fun.



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  1. My husband is taking our daughter to have her wisdom teeth out in a couple of weeks. She would rather have him then me, which is okay. I don’t dole out the sympathy as much as him or should I say she won’t milk it for all its worth with me but she does with him.

  2. Wishing a fast recovery for your girl! And you too!

    We get to go through this sometime soon. My daughter’s schedule is too busy right now. She tells us swollen gopher cheeks mess with your singing abilities!!! I thought the judges at the vocal contest may take pity on her and give her a good score for sure then. But she seems to want to earn the score with her talents- the hard way! Oh well. I give up for trying to help. LOL

  3. Ooooh. Poor baby! I hope you are tougher than I am. When my husband had his out, I went back to see him when he was done and I fainted! The poor staff was afraid to let us drive home.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  4. Sounds like your family and Jose’ are single handedly keeping the Pharmacutical industry afloat. When you guys all get well, the stock market will dip again.
    I had my wisdom teeth removed while in the military. The Dr. put his knee in my lap to brace himself for the exertion and went to town. All I heard was loud crunching noises. When he was done, I got out of a very wet chair. I had sweat what looked like a bucket of water. The Dr. gave me darvacet for the pain, but, on the way out a medic gave me hospital asprin saying “Take this with the Darvacet. It works better.”
    In bed, after about 45min of throbbing, it felt like the blanket just wrapped me up like a taco. Off into La-La land went cousin Jerry.

  5. Oh, I just went through this with my daughter last year. They gave her Lortab as a liquid pain reliever, and it worked pretty well on the pain but it made her terribly dizzy. Every time she got up to go to the bathroom she ended up flat in the hallway from passing out. That was a bit scary!

    After one day of this nonsense we got her some liquid Motrin and stopped the Lortab. That took care of the dizziness and did a better job on her pain and swelling.

  6. Glad to hear that all went well with the surgery 🙂 Hey, it’s a good excuse to do no work for a week, Dr’s orders! A bit of advice (since I used to be on the other end of that… helping to take the teeth out) Keep those cold packs on through the day (on 20/off 40) and stay on top of that pain medicine through tonight! If it gets out of control, it’s way too hard to get it back to a manageable place. And be prepared for days 3-4. They’re usually the worst. Save a bit of the pain meds for then. I hope everyone else in the family is doing well! 🙂

  7. Not red flying monkies? 😯 They gave her the wrong medicine. You should be knocking on that doctors door and telling him you’re going to talk to the authorities!

    On the other hand, I am so glad she is doing well. 🙂 Give her red hugs for me.

  8. Yes, my mom took very good care of me…she took pictures of me grinning like an idiot with tampon strings hanging out of the sides of my mouth (the doctor said this would be as good as gauze, and I guess we thought it was funny enough to actually do it). I sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in the chair after the removal. I think I also called the dentist,”Loverboy.” Um, I was 16 or something. But that’s what drugs do to a person.
    Have fun, and keep your camera at the ready! 🙂

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