February 3

Chocolate always makes me feel better.

And right now I am in the throws of a horrid cold.

The throat is raw.

The nose is stuffy.

The voice is hoarse.

The sneezes make me run to the loo.

And the chips are secretly glad I can barely speak.

But these World Peace cookies that Jessica of cookbookhabit picked for today’s TWD make me forget all that.

These cookies are salty, chocolaty, and shortbready all at once.Β Β Β  Perfection in a cookie.

Forget chicken soup, eat a cookie!

Go check out Jessica’s blog for the recipe.

You’ll feel much better.

I promise.


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84 thoughts on “February 3”

  1. Sounds like you have what I am trying to get over.
    Drink lots of fluid, get plenty of rest, and don’t push yourself to get well. It won’t work.

  2. I have this recipe and I made these twice before. If I remember correctly they call for some kind of salt that I have never heard of. I think, if I rember correctly, I went out and bought seasalt and used that. What did you use? My son-in-law loves them and is always asking me when I am going to make those world peace cookies again.

    Sorry you are sick. 😦 Chicken soup and lots of rest.

  3. CC said, “And the chips are secretly glad I can barely speak.” and I say, “me too!” LOL

    These look too good to pass up. I will get the recipe and give this a try.

    Now on to something more important. Where did you buy those ugly pink roses for your mixer? I need some red ones? Never mind, I’ll email you.

    I do hope you feel better real soon. We went through this last week. 😦 {hugs}

  4. I hope you feel better. I had a head cold a couple weeks ago. Thanks for your feedback on the range and fridge, but there is no way I’m going to buy a Viking! Unless I win the lotto, of course.

  5. Aw, sorry that you are not feeling well! I am glad that these cookies are making it a little bit better, though. I hope that you get to enjoy them well soon!

  6. My fav photo, definitely the mixer too although the dough pic with the hoarseness is pretty comical as well. Sorry, I know with all the words of encouragement you will surely be back to business as normal in no time. What’s not to love about that post? It has chocolate right?
    Tell your best friend Hi and not to worry about things that go bump in the night. he he I’m just kidding. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. I am so sorry you are sick! That is so miserable.
    I want to hear your son’s comment about those logs. HA I can only imagine.
    Your cookies look delicious. I love everything about your blog.

  8. Well because of you we are now a Zicam family, in fact after reading your post I went and got some because I have the makings of a doozie of a cold coming on and I do not want it. The boy has been using it of late and it has helped him immensly.

    As for these cookies….I think that I’ll be heading over to the linked blog and getting this one!! They do look good and I’m sure they’ll go over well at the retreat this weekend. And if the volcano blows and we have to cancel the retreat I guess I’ll have to force the kids to help me dispose of them. hehehehe

  9. Wait a minute!
    Is that a flower tatoo on your mixer?? I want one!!
    Yes, yes, pretty and delicious cookies…. how did you get such a pretty picture on your mixer?

  10. What a shame to have a stuffy nose on the day we make World Peace cookies. I hope you froze some of the dough so you can enjoy a *healthy* dose of all that glorious chocolatey-salty goodness.

  11. Figures! LOL LOL LOL
    I simply knew it! I knew you wouldn’t have passed on those cookies! LOL
    I thought they were the best chocolate cookies I’ve had.
    Granted they are far from any gooey, fudgey, almost creamy chocolate cookies we know, but in the end… the saltiness and chewiness of them, is just wonderful.
    I thought about you while making them, being sure you’d enjoy them a whole lot!
    Very nice step by step as usual, just as great as your cookies!

  12. Yikes…get better soon! Sounds like this cookie was the perfect remedy for your ailment (hopefully with some good hot tea and some good medication). I love this cookie!!

  13. I love all of your photos! And I especially love your mixer applique, so pretty.
    I really loved these cookies, too. Maybe Dorie should change the name to “Cure for the common cold cookies?”

  14. Such fun to come and see what’s cooking at your place each week. Love the photos and the way you do your blog…it’s like art! Your cookies look wonderful…those would be gone in a day here with my guys. You are too funny about your comment on “where are your guys?” I figure everyone must get tired of looking at them each week. I am just not that creative…unlike you!

  15. If chicken soup is good for the soul, then WP cookies have to be good for a cold. Hope you feel better. If you cannot taste the chocolate, life is lame.

  16. I’m a chocolate, and cookie, FIEND, and these are my all-time-absolutely-favorite chocolate cookie. Keep a roll in the freezer for emergencies…! Get better soon.

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