February 2

Our house is happily situated on a hill and yesterday when it got up to 40+ degrees outside and the melting began, slushy wet snow was laying everywhere.

I knew that the puddles would freeze over, and I would be outside at dark o’thirty pushing the men out of their respective parking spots.

Since I much prefer to be inside at dark o’thirty,  I went out,  armed with our snow shovel to  chop a 50 foot ‘ditch’  so that the water would have a place to drain off in front of our house.

Water always follows the path of least resistance.

As I hacked away totally annihilating the poor snow shovel and soaking myself from the knees down, I began to think about how we all, to some degree, tend to take the path of least resistance.

We don’t want to make others angry.

We don’t want to be looked down upon.

We don’t want to be shunned, or labeled a ‘freak’.

Then I began to think of the things I am passionate about.

There is homeschooling,  photography, knitting, food, chocolate, and pink.

But  mostly I am passionate about my family.

I have upset the apple cart several times, advocating for my kids, and I’ll do it again in. a. heart. beat.

So what about you?

Do you follow the easy path carved out by others?

Are you are willing to take the heat for something because you are passionate about it?


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11 thoughts on “February 2”

  1. I prefer the easy path to be sure, but I, too, have gone to bat for my children and even my grands, very recently in fact. It’s what God built into us, I think.

    Looks as if your ditch worked!

  2. Nice ditch there, Tanya.

    I often take the hard road…why I have NO idea. I try to make things easier on myself, but somehow, that never happens.

    And absolutely, I take the heat for things and people I love. Can’t help it…must be in my DNA.

  3. I prefer the ducking out but then I open my mouth and end up taking the heat.

    But I do take the heat on a loved ones behalf when needed. Absolutely.

  4. I’m cold just looking at your picture….yuck!

    Nothing like a little hard labor (and shoveling snow and ice is hard work!) to bring on some hard, clear thinking. I’m pretty sure God hardwired that connection into us some how.

  5. I always end up taking the hard road, the path that goes straight up that steep mountain, even if I am trying to take the path of least resistance, because I usually end up sticking my foot in my mouth. OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT.

  6. I am usually taking the hard pathway. More of a challenge. I would gladly take the heat for something I am passionate about. Been there,done that. Especially when it comes to loved ones. Good job on the ditch. Did your strategy work?

  7. And by the way, I seem to be the kind of person who finds out the weather will turn for a bit, the ice will melt, so I make sure that there will be NOWHERE for the water to go, creating lots of dangerous, although avoidable/preventable, slippery slopes and nasty spots. Then I cry when I fall on my bottom.
    Did you really want to know? 🙂

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