February 1

One of the things I like about living in Pothole is the architecture.

Pothole is the county seat, and therefore it is an old town.

Here is the court house in 1887.

And now in 2009.

The Presbyterian church across the street from the court house is old and gorgeous.

Main Street is old and gorgeous.

Sean Connery is old and gorgeous.

I am old and gorgeous.


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17 thoughts on “February 1”

  1. No wonder you are so fond of your old Aunt Cindy. Your town looks very interesting. I love to look at old architecture.

  2. LOL….what was the line from that movie “Autumn in New York” with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. He made some comment about their age difference and she said “But I collect antiques” and he said “and we thank you.” Hahaha!

    One of the things I love about living in the Boston area is the architecture. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. Oh! Sean Connery! Yes, I agree 100%.
    He is such a gentelman. And being devilishy charming doesnt hurt either. He has aged so well.

    The pictures are great, as always! 😉
    I love the old charm in towns. It so much better to me than glaring up at a tall skyscraper with no characteristic. Needless to say i’m a small town gal. Not a big city one.

    Enjoy your goodies for the game today. Cant wait to read your blog tomorrow to see some pictures of all the yummies you made.

  4. I kid you not, that Presbyterian church is the spitting image of the one I attend, in Harrisonburg, VA. It’s located on Court Square in our downtown. For a minute I thought we were neighbors!

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