January 29

So, we have been having some weather here in Pothole, Ohio.

Icy weather.

I went outside twice yesterday.

Once to grab these shots, and the second time to push Superman out of his parking spot.

In other news, Chocolatechic is thinking about joining Twitter.

Do you think she should?


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30 thoughts on “January 29”

  1. I’m with animalactiongroup. What’s twitter? Sounds like what happens when two teenage girls get on the phone with each other.

  2. Nice pictures. I took a few myself yesterday while I was out chipping away at ice on my car for an hour. My son got snowed in at a friends house for a couple days, so it was up to the old girl to get her car out of the ice. I should already be in California!!!!!

  3. Nice weather. Not.

    I joined Twitter a while back. I was going to quit, but The Man says the Twitter badge is his favorite part of my blog, so I guess I’ll be keeping it for a while.

  4. I don’t twitter, don’t plan to twitter unless it happens to be at the birds outside 😀

    I spend too much time on here as it is….the laundry is really piling up 😛

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