January 28

For the last 6 months or so, Superman has been dealing with some pretty awful headaches.

The real ones, not me.

After about 3 months of it, I sweetly encouraged him to go see the Doc.

After about a month of sweetness, moving into polite suggestions, moving into plain out and out demanding he see the doc, I just made an appointment, and forced him to go.

Apparently all men hate going to the doctor, including Superman.

Doc prescribed him some meds.

Didn’t work.

A month later, he went back for a ‘lets see how that medicine worked for you, now fork over your checkbook’ visit.

Doc prescribed something else.

Didn’t work.

A month later, he went back for a ‘lets see how that medicine worked for you, your checkbook is empty, now hand over a kidney’ visit.

Only this time, I was fed up with the poor man being in pain,  tired of being sweet and polite, I went straight to demanding.

I said, “Tell Doc to do blood work.”

So, Superman being the sweetheart that he is, politely asked for blood work.

I was afraid that he had diabetes.


He has high cholesterol.

My fried chicken, meat and potatoes lovin’ Superman has met his Kryptonite.

I will fight this Kryptonite tooth and nail for him.

I will fight it with steamed fish, boneless skinless chicken breast, and fresh veggies.



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24 thoughts on “January 28”

  1. High cholesterol can cause headaches? Oh dear. I do hope that the diet changes help in that department. Perhaps a weekly treat would still be in order. You’re a good woman to adjust everything so radically!

  2. A change in diet should do the trick. When Uncle Jim was told that he had high cholesterol, we started on the low fat stuff. It came down fairly good. Of course you have to keep up with it. How are you enjoying this weather? I have been thinking about you.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about his high cholesterol, but headaches aren’t a typical symptom of high cholesterol.

    If they don’t go away soon, I would suggest getting him a CT scan. I had a sinus infection that caused me headaches that lasted days.

    Sending get well soon vibes to Superman.

  4. My hubs had migraines associated with High BP. Started BP meds and presto. Smiles ). Now that we are old has finally started exercising and eating right. Go figure. Good Luck with the food altering experience. Pull out a grill and cook! Look Mom…. less clean up.
    Even in the winter, with coat and gloves, I cook on the grill, crazy woman.

  5. It’s good that you guys found out that he has high cholesterol ’cause you can try to get it under control before it leads to other problems. I found out that I too have high cholesterol and NOW that you mention the headaches I realize that my usual headaches have been gone after I put it under control. So thanks for sharing your story. And I hope that superman gets better.

  6. Hi Tanya,
    I’m glad you had him checked. Headaches can signal really serious things sometimes. We do the stroke test on me everytime I have a really bad headache. Due to my history. Fish Oil and excersize have really helped my hubby with high cholesterol. He takes an RX too but excersize has been so effective that the doctor said if he continues to lose weight they may take him off his med. Check with his doctor first but an baby asprin a day is another thing we both take. I use peppermint oil for some headache relief too. This is all my armchair advice so check with your doctor first. I live with headaches so I feel for him:(

  7. T – my husband has cholesterol issues too. Get the “high cholesterol for dummies” book and learn about it yourself. HUGE help to me. I’m still struggling to get him to eat/enjoy fish, but he’s made some other concessions. Stinks! Glad you have a diagnosis though.

  8. Oh, I feel your husbands pain! I too had very cholestrol which diet alone did not remedy. In my family it’s a genetics thing with diet part of the culprit. I too had terrible migraine headaches and we found the cause was also a factor for my high cholestrol. All my favorite things – cheese, nuts and the most important of all – chocolate. Yes, these were the headache inducers…..

  9. Me again – one thing, if he is resistant to changing his eating habits, don’t do it all at once, change things slowly and he probably won’t notice and that will make it easier on all of you 🙂 I’m in the same boat for weight issues.

    Good Luck

  10. olive oil, seasoned steamed veggies, fish w/pesto, there are so many ways to make the healthy foods exciting.

    make it a personal challenge to tempt him with healthy goodies.
    Having almost lost my partner to kidney and liver disease (this past summer she survived a double organ transplant). my challenge is to tempt with good food. butter is my downfall, so I save it for a treat, when I can really taste it.

    We have always lived to eat, and now its about eating to live. Make it fun, and tasty.

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