January 27

I have always always thought that I was a wimp when it came to eating spicy foods.

I eat mild salsa, and green chilies are about as high a heat as I can stand.

Other foods like curry, ginger, clove and chai are just to strong for me.

Chefboy was reading something interesting to me from his college text book the other day.

It says, “some people detect a greater degree of taste in foods than others.   Called “supertasters” these people may have more taste buds than average.   In additon to detecting strongly bitter flavors where many people do not (for example in coffee, broccoli, grapefruit juice, artifical sweeteners).  Similarly, supertasters find the spicy heat generated by capsaicin to be more pronounced, sometimes unbearably so, than does the average person.”

That’s me.

Told you I was a princess!

So I am not a wimp, I’m just sensitive.

My delicate sensitivities caused me to lesson the amount of ginger and clove in the Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread  recipe that Sherry of Sherry Trifle picked for today’s TWD.

I  didn’t think that all that ginger mixed with my beloved chocolate would taste good, but Internet, I was oh. so. wrong.

This cake bread is fabulous.    I  thickened the icing a bit more than called for.   If I’m gonna have icing, I’m gonna have icing not a glaze, and I didn’t use coffee in the icing either.   I’m not a coffee person, so  I used heavy cream instead.

Sherry has the recipe on her blog.   Go check it out, and make some for yourself.


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  1. Your cake/bread looks fabulous!!! I am so glad I don’t have hypersensitive tastebuds, although certain foods like pineapple and grapefruit do make my tongue sore. A dentist once told me I have what is known as a geographical tongue.

  2. Oh snap. I have to try this. I looked at it over the weekend and thought, “Yeah, but I’m kind of done with Christmas.” so I didn’t bother baking it. But man, now I want to try it. And I’m so not a supertaster. I think I’m more like a developmental education taster. Everything always tastes like chicken.

  3. Looks great, tasted GREAT, glad you liked it, I’m not too spicy a lover either, but nothing is too hot for my husband! I was a teaspoon short on ground ginger and didn’t use the stem stuff and thought this was plenty gingery. It was great with the chocolate!

  4. Your photos are so gorgeous! And is that Scharffen Berger I see in the background of photo #1? Don’t you l-o-v-e that chocolate? I use it sparingly because of price, hoarding it for something I know I’ll be eating myself – haha – it’s too good for potlucks!

  5. Wow, I love your photos! I guess I’m glad that I’m not a supertaster. I love spicy. Of course, I about quadruple the garlic in most recipes, so maybe I’m the opposite of a supertaster? Like a subpartaster?

  6. Why are you so high maintenance, Chocolatechic? 🙂 I agree with you totally- too spicy = not good. Yours looks great, though. I left out the coffee too; I read a lot of people thought it was overpowering.

  7. I am totally there with you. I’m a sensitive creature too and definitely born to be a princess. My DH even calls me Princess Pegra and so did my last boss. My bosses now have other names for me which I will not disclose. HA. Your gingerbread looks fantastic. So rich and moist. YUM

  8. You’re a Supertaster! I thought about you and your legendary love for chocolate when I was making this — I wasn’t sure if you’d like the fact that something unexpected like gingerbread had chocolate in it, or if you’d think that the precious chocolate was corrupted by the gingerbread. I am so glad that it was the former! And your pictures are gorgeous!!

  9. Your photos are AMAZING!!! I have heard of this supertasting phenomenon – you are quite in demand in the wine tasting industry and can get paid A LOT for your skills – just throwing it out there….

  10. I am not a spicy foods person either. I loved this recipe. I’m going to use the glaze for everything. Oh, there wasn’t a pronounced coffee flavor in the glaze, I think it just enhanced the chocolate.

  11. Not taking Betsy’s class this time. She’s great, though. It’s the busy season at the tax office and I can’t get away. Hows D doing in school?

  12. I could so eat that up with a nice cup of coffee/tea/cocoa and some great company. 🙂

    Glad ChefBoy is enjoying college.

    As for the Supertaster thing, I have trouble with some things as well. I only like mild salsas and other Mexican sauces, those peppers really get to me. On the other hand I love curry!!

  13. Wimp or not, I’m glad you discovered somethings aren’t so bad after all!
    As always, yours step by step pics are out of this world, very well done!

  14. Hmmm…we have son who eats practically nothing. Good thing he can’t read or I am sure he would consider himself a supertaster. Love the pictures.

  15. I am exactly the same way about spicy foods. I can put a tiny pinch of red pepper flakes in something (like our shrimp fried rice last night) and my mouth will be burning for hours.

    I also hate ginger.

  16. Looks GREAT! You have so much patience shooting pics at every stage…. love that! I agree – I doubled the icing (but used a 13×9 pan) and could have used more! Nice job!!!

  17. Fantastic photos…you are such a star with that camera. And, your food always looks darn good, too. I am feeling much better…I didn’t make this one because no one really likes gingerbread here and I figured I would not stress and take the week off. It worked…I didn’t stress…LOL!

  18. Wow.. I think I may be a ‘supertaster’ too! I honestly can’t handle any sort of chilli or spicy foods. I’ve stopped drinking coffee because you can’t get decent coffee where I live- they all taste extremely bitter to me. Glad it turned out for you in the end too. I really enjoyed this cake.

  19. Hehe – I’m sorta glad I’m not a supertaster, it would make recipes too difficult to adjust to the “princess” in me. And does calling it bread make it breakfast-appropriate?

  20. That looks great! I love Scharffen Berger… =) I think I’m a supertaster. I can’t really handle spicy stuff either. And people look at me crazy when I tell them that I won’t eat/drink anything with artificial sweeteners because I can always taste them and they taste horrible.

  21. Hmm, I have that bitter taste thing, but I also love spicy foods. I’ve always heard the phrase, “There’s no accounting for taste,” and ever since beginning food blogging I can surely agree with that. Glad you liked this one!

  22. WOW – fantastic photos! I love them!! This was a great challenge, the kind of recipe to make when you need a last minute warm & cozy dessert. Would be great with a scoop of ice cream, too!

  23. Oh my goodness your cake looks so delicious and gooey and yummy… (i could go on)!
    Your photos are great. I haven’t made my icing yt but i think i’ll probably leave out the coffee too.
    Well done!

  24. glad you liked the gingerbread. i thought it was interesting that even chai is too strong for you. i’m glad i’m not a supertaster then because i would miss my chai teas.

  25. SuperTaster & SuperMan!
    Love the photo of the molasses bubble. Cool! Okay, so glad you made the gingerbread to your liking. Way to go!
    I’m one of those spicey likers…..oh well. Something for everyone.

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