January 26

My dad comes from a long line of frugal farmers.

Daddy has always had a garden of some sort, and planting  is just part of my DNA.

So when the seed catalogs begin to arrive, and they already have… yippee!!!, I begin to be very excited.

I sit and peruse them till the pages are worn.

I make list after list, refining it as I go, making sure that I have just the right plants for the upcoming year.

I revel in the smell of spring when the sun begins to warm the earth, and I can always be found sitting outside just breathing in the delicious smell of wet warm dirt.

I don’t know much about the long line of my mother’s people, but I suspect that they were some sort of royalty.

I like my jewelry, and I only wear the real thing.

I like to be waited on. hand. and. foot.

I’d much prefer others to cook for me.

Imported chocolate is the best.

I don’t like to get dirty, I wear pink all the time, and I do not like to sweat.

I am a princess!

These things totally conflict with the extremely frugal farmer in me.

So, sometime around the first of May, you will find me outside trying to plant things, without touching the dirt, because ewwwwwww  dirt is dirty, and I don’t want it under my fingernails.

Along with a cook, and a maid, I think I need to hire a gardener.


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12 thoughts on “January 26”

  1. and God formed man/woman from the dirt of the earth…from dirt you came and to dirt you shall go….dirt is a part of who you are….


  2. You are my kind of woman. I like to pick all the plants and seeds, and let someone else do all the work. Bring it in and I will cook/freeze/can it, but I don’t like being out in the dirt and the heat.

  3. I’m with Donna on this one. I think that you need counseling or some type of therapy. Being that you are half royal I’m sure that someone will pay for this for you.

  4. My Seed Savers Exchange catalog came in the mail Saturdday. Do you know how many tomato varieties there are? At least a zillion. I can smell the fresh tomatoes now..yum!! Princesses should wear gloves in the garden!!

  5. Well, we are totaly different on thaat 1! not only do I like to get my hands in that nice warm earth, my feet also! I love being barefoot out in my yard or my garden…feeling the mud squish up between my toes! But I do love the garden catalogs, I tell my swet man that he can order anything out of there for m y BV-day, Valentines day…any gift exchange thang..,.and He will
    make me the happiest woman on earth. 🙂

  6. I like to do that kind of stuff,but do not seem to be able to find the time. After you are through with your hired gardener,send him over.

  7. Just can’t tell you what an awesome blessing you are in my life, I come here to find out what you are up to, and you alway’s make me laugh..thanks for that laughter..life is tough sometimes, and I need you!! warm loving hugs from vermont

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