January 25

While I have been waiting for Global Warming to make an appearance, I finished the boys sock, and started the second one.

I also began a new project.   A pair of hot pink  socks for myself.

Helllooooooo Global Warming!   The socks…they are wool, because it is still cold!

Please do something about this.


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16 thoughts on “January 25”

  1. I must say – I’m very impressed with your knitted skills! Socks are complicated – at least they were for me when I tried knitting them long, long ago. The pink ones are so cute!

  2. I so badly wish I had someone to teach me how to knit. I can do simple crochet, but thats it. My issue is, the online tutorials do nothing for me. I actually need someone to SHOW me how to do it.

    The pink socks are awesome. love them!

  3. Good job,Tanya. This coming from a non-knitter (is that a word?)Anyway they look great. If the cold weather keeps up who knows how many pair you could knit!!!

  4. Haven’t you heard yet???

    There isn’t Global Warming!! The Greenies realized the falicy some time late last year and now we are under Global Climate Change!!

    Come on now, get with the proper lingo, man!! **said with a slight drugged high tone from the early ’70s**

    So much for being PC. Actually we are in a period of global cooling, like you probably hadn’t figured that one out, you homeschool so I know you understand this – a colder winter after several mild ones means we are in a normal pattern when viewed through history.

  5. Just ignore that last bit, didn’t make much sense. I’m just in an ornery mood and speaking off the top of my head. I do believe we are in the phase of global cooling though.

  6. We had temps in the 60s on Friday. Yesterday was 7deg. I cleaned my windows and found frost (on the inside) where the locks are! If you happen to see Global Warming, could you spare a tiny bit and send some our way too? My heating bill would really appreciate it.

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