January 24

Growing up, my mother tried desperately to instill the love of music to us girls.

She sang for us at every opportunity.

She encouraged us to sing in choirs.

She and dad even paid for piano lessons for 4 years for Sister and me, and while I know how to read music, can do scales in my sleep, and even play the piano, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fortunately for the parents, it was Sister’s cup of tea and it paid off in spades.

Not only can Sister play the piano, she plays the violin.

And the guitar.

All that practicing….way to much work for me.

Not only did Sister get the music gene, she passed it to her kiddos.


Sister your my hero.

If you have  about 10 more children and you can be the Von Trapp family players.

I’ll be your manager.

You can pay me in chocolate, Nikon lenses and hot pink yarn.


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11 thoughts on “January 24”

  1. I still wish I had the music gene but it went right on thru me. We are not sure where our daughter got hers from as the girl can sing!!! She didnt get it from her father either!!!

  2. Tanya,
    You always make me laugh!

    So, if your sister and her family are the Von Trapp family singers/players…does that mean they’d get to call you Uncle Max?

  3. UUmmmm…. for the record, I’m not having 10 more children. So you can forget about being a manager and being paid in chocolate, nikon lenses and hot pink yarn.

    I will occasionally give you some chocolate, but that’s just because I love ya!


  4. My brother got the music gene, he can sing, read music and play the guitar!! I learned to play the organ and clarinet but can only play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the organ & piano, clarinet is long forgotten.

    My boy can play the bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars and if he practiced the piano as well. My girl has a lovely voice while I make a joyful noise!!

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