February 23

It’s Friday, Interent, and I am nosy.

I was informed this morning that today is ‘measure your feet day’.

Who knew?


Do you know how long your feet are?

10 inches

What size shoe do you wear?

10W ~~thanks  Chefboy

What is your favorite shoe to wear?

I don’t like to wear shoes.   They make my feet all claustrophobic, but if I have to wear shoes, I’d choose my pink well broken in New Balance tennis shoes.


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  1. My feet are a beautiful 9″ long. I love to wear dark red pumps. I don’t have a pair, but that’s what I’d like to wear. Since I don’t have those, my favorite things to wear to church are my black pumps. Everyday I like red, black, or brown flats. 😀 No pink shoes for me.

  2. I wear a size 10 also – I’m almost 6′ tall though, so I tell myself that without long feet I’d fall over! 🙂 My favorite shoes to wear are my sheepskin boots in the winter and Teva sandals in the summer. I tend to wear the same pair of shoes every.single.day. – so it’s a big deal when the season changes and I change my shoes! 😛

  3. I may or may not be a freak..it seems my feet are 8″ long, but i wear a 7 1/2. Is it supposed to be the same as your shoe size? If so, I must buy shoes that are “cut big”, for the last 25 years. And the fact that I actually just measured my feet speaks volumes.

    I would LOVE to wear a great pair of heels just once, but first I would need a fabulous place to wear them, in the mean time as long as I can get away with flip flops I do. Right now they are collecting dust, but their time approaches!

  4. Why am I not surprised that you have pink tennis shoes?

    Like Applie, my feet are an enchanting 9″ and they like high heeled boots when out-and-about and prefer woolly socks when at leisure.

  5. I’m too lazy to get up and get a ruler but I wear a size 10 shoe also, sometimes an 11, and often wide. It really depends on the style. Currently my favorite pair of shoes are black, fleece-lined Crocs. I prefer an open back shoe or I always get blisters on the back of my heel.

  6. My feet are a graceful 9 1/4″ long –size 8. In the house I like bare feet or thin socks in the winter. My fav everyday pair of shoes are my Nike Shox. Love them!!! (So does my back) For dress I have a cute black pair of Mudd pumps. And whenever I can get by with it in this cold area I wear flip flops!
    My hubs feet are 12″ long and he wears a size 15! Those are some big paws.

    I cant wait for Fridays to see what question you will come up with!!!

  7. No clue how long my feet are, but I usually wear and 8.5. I too hate shoes but we have almost all wood floors, so I wear crocs, yes ugly crocs, in the house. I live in my sandals in the summer!

  8. Well, my feet are also 10″ and I wear a 9 1/2 or 10 depending on the shoe – 40 in European sizing. It’s either my pink crocs, any of my Dansko’s (several red ones)or Birkenstocks (way too many red and pink ones). As you can only wear one pair at a time, I am afraid to say how many total shoes I have! Just love shoes!

  9. I’m at work and I had to measure with my shoes on. They’re 11 inches and, thanks to gaining 60 lbs with each of 3 pregnancies, I wear an 11. That makes me sad.

    Thankfully, I’m tall.

    My favorite shoes are cowboy boots.

  10. I wear a size 10 in regular shoes and 11 in tennis/athletic/running shoes. I would SO GLADLY measure my feet for Your Exalted Nosiness 🙂 but the floor is so cold that I cannot bear to remove my shoes.

    I don’t like to wear shoes, either, but ever since I got OLD I’ve been having to wear them to keep from aggravating my heel spurs. Ugh. Gotta have the arch support, so I usually wear running shoes in the winter (I don’t run!) and Merrell slides in the summer.

  11. I am so embarassed to have to admit this. 12W. HEY! Don’t laugh at me! I need a good foundation to hold all this (points at self) up! Sometimes I have to wear a 13.

    I deliver flowers, so, comfort trumps style. In this weather, I wear my columbia waterproof hiker boots and in the summer (I know they look awful) I wear Crocs.

  12. What do I tell my wife when she walks in on me with tape measure in hand, rolling around on the floor, desparately trying to reach my feet so I can measure them. My warning her in advance probably wouldn’t make any difference….”Your going to do WHAT!?”. I think I’ll skip this holiday. Who was it that said, “Better to be thought insane than to measure your foot and remove all doubt.” I saw it somewhere. Anyway, I wear $20 Walmart running shoes………EVERYWHERE- church, work, home, plowing snow, digging dirt, you name it. When they wear out, I get another pair at Walmarts. Life’s simpler that way.

  13. Well I measured twice and came up with 8 3/4″ for my feet. I wear from a 5 to a six in shoes depending on the type of shoe. My favorite shoes varies depending on the weather. I’m more into traction than style in the winter and have been known to bear bunny boots w/a dress to church (I bring along my pumps in my bag to change into when I arrive in the building).

    I do love my Land’s End & L.L. Bean mocs though.

  14. Haha! My left foot is 8″ and my right foot is 8 1/2″. I will wear anywhere between an 8 to a 9 shoe. My favorite shoes right now are my cowgirl boots. Ariat Fat Baby all black boots. Dang but their sexy!



  15. My 9″ feet like to wear a 7 1/2 W.
    Wide feet don’t get to wear the kind of shoes I’d really like to wear (think some strappy Manolo Blaniks), but I do treat them to good shoes.

  16. Donna and Applie,
    My feet way out do yours. My feet are more than “enchanting” or “beautiful.” My feet are drop dead gorgeous, and they are nine and a half inches. My feet are also graceful and narrow. As for shoes….I only wear my tennis shoes for running. Any other time, I’ll be in *High* heels or *High* heeled boots. I also have a pair of furry boots. Have a wonderful day!!!!!!
    Love to all,

  17. I wear anywhere from a 7 to an 8.5. My favorite public shoes are my Ryka SportWalkers, favorite home shoes are my pink fuzzy crocs.

  18. I wear a size 9 1/2-10 W.I am only 5’1″ tall. My dad used to say I would be tall if I didn’t have so much turned under for feet.I mostly wear tennis shoes,for work.Flats or 1/2 inch heels to church.

  19. I knew there was a reason why I liked your blog so much..I am a size 11 women’s sneaker :). I am proud of my boats..>I alternate between flip flops in the summer and uggs in the winter and cry inside when I have to wear “real shoes.” Go comfort! Great post :).

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