January 19

One of the first couple dates that Superman and I had, he took me air quotes dancing.

And when he said dancing, what he meant by that was sitting at the table listening to the music, staring at me, telling me how beautiful he thought I was.


I wanted to dance.

I even asked him to dance with me, it was then that he told me that he couldn’t.


I was remembering this a couple of months ago, when Superman came home from work and proceeded to tell me that he had signed up to be a ‘Bee Boy’ for the companyย  he works for.

What is a Bee Boy?

A Bee Boy is a man who dresses in a bee costume, and dances on stage holding the companies products.

Dances, Internet.

Dances and shakes his little stinger.

I laughed hysterically.

Ifย  Superman can get up and dance in front of thousands of women,ย  then he is taking me dancing again, and this time there will be no sitting at the table staring at me.

He will be out on the floor, shaking his stinger.


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24 thoughts on “January 19”

  1. Haaaaa! I LOVE it! The day hubs and I became official “boyfriend and girlfriend” he went with me to my college’s formal. We were sitting at the table watching my friends out on the floor (I went to a women’s college and out of the group of 15 or so girls there were maybe 3 with dates at the dance, so all the girls were out on the floor dancing in a big group) and I had resigned myself to the fact that we would not be dancing because everyone knows white boys don’t dance, right?? After a minute or so he looks over and says, “You wanna dance??” And I’m like, “For real!?! Yes!!” Turns out he’s a great dancer!

  2. I too married a non-dancer so feel your pain!

    If I know my baskets I would say your husband works at Longaberger – if so, how cool is that. I have about a dozen of their baskets but haven’t bought any for almost 15 years since I moved to the country – but I love the ones I have………

  3. It could have been so much worse, CC. He could have been nice like my DH and attempted to dance with you, and to your shock & horor, you realized that he went to the “Jed Clampett School of Dance.” Now, we only slow dance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, I was thinking about your blog last night, wondering how the house across the street turned out after it’s “face-lift”. Did the owners move in?

  4. Sandy~~you know your baskets well.

    Patty~~they haven’t worked on it since…hhmmmm…..maybe September???

    They aren’t moved in, but as soon as they begin again, I will be back there, taking pictures.

  5. tee-hee! What a good sport to dress up in a bee costume and shake it! It takes a great man to be able to pull that off. Enjoy your pictures!

  6. Hope he was paid overtime for that!!!

    Anyway, those are cute pics but I saw them last night on the girl’s blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very cute and looks like everyone was having fun. You know if the people present do not know who you are then it isn’t as embarrassing.

    I’m not a dancer and neither is hubby so we are a good match.

  7. I saw the dance in person at Thanksgiving. He didn’t have his bee costume on then, just regular clothes. It was still something to be remembered. He is a good sport.

  8. Looks Like Longaberger to me…I went to the Bee twice! How cool is that? I have a “few” of their baskets after 9 years of being a consultant. Maybe I even have one with his initials on it?

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