January 17

Because I am absolutely sick of the cold.

Yes, dad, I’m whining.

It is -15º here today.

Yes,  still whining.

Because I haven’t  been out of the house in days.


Because all I have been doing is laundry, school and knitting.

more whining

And because I miss my sister,


I thought I’d show you some pictures I took when Sister, her hubs, Superman and I when out for some ‘couple’ time.

Please note that the only time we were ‘coupled’ was when we were in the vehicle.


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11 thoughts on “January 17”

  1. That was a fun day.
    You should have gotten pictures of all the rings we tried on. That way I can remember what I want ;).

    Love and miss you, too.

    Sister chip

  2. Jason has been telling people in California(where he lives and it is 80 degrees)about our cold temperatures. They cannot fathom them. It was about 62 there last night and they were talking about it being so cool!!! Woosies.

  3. My hubby is from Ohio.:)

    I can sympathize…my sister lives in North Carolina and I live in Massachusetts. I haven’t seen her in 14 months. It’s been a long 14 months….I miss her terribly. Maybe you’ll get to see her soon.:)

  4. Aunt Lucy,
    What a funny story☺ You know that there are people in the US that have never even seen snow. I♥u

    I quite agree with you about the whining☺ All I hear about is how cold it is in the basement pantry☺

    A very nice post today. I♥u.

    Love to all,

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