January 16

Internet, I haven’t left the house in days.

Days… Internet, and I think I am coming down with Cabin Fever.

Hellloooooo!   Global Warming!  You could make an appearance any time.

It is -10º here this morning.

Global Warming…are you listening???

I thought not.

It’s Friday, Internet and I am nosy.

I have been craving pizza, but all I have in the house is a .89 cardboard frozen thing from Aldi.

I want delivery pizza.  Specifically a pizza with the works from Papa Johns and some bread sticks.

What kind of delivery pizza is your favorite? aaaannnnnd  what kind of toppings do you like on your pizza?


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  1. I looove Papa John’s. I like green peppers, pepperoni, extra cheese, ham, and sausage. Sometimes a little onion and black olives.

    I better go eat breakfast before I go order one. lol

  2. My favorite pizza topings are: pepperoni, bana peppers (mild) ham, sausage and PINEeAPPLES! mmm be good even for breakfast, but I have already eaten gravy & biscuits! I love your blog by the way!

  3. This is crazy, but Costco has this tomato-basil pizza with huge slices of mozzarella. Ymm.

    We did have this really good delivery that was half pepp/half mush, deep dish the other day.

  4. We don’t do delivery. I make our own or we buy frozen store brand. I like cheese and pepperoni.

    And in case you haven’t noticed it is Global Warming anymore, it is Global Climate Change. So these extreme dips in temp. can be blaimed on humans as well. 😀

  5. We dont get pizza delivery here in small town USA. But if we do order delivery pizza at the motel its Papa Johns. Love the pepppers they include with the pizza. Pepperoni is a family fav.

    But they much prefer mom to make them some from scratch tho. Then I top it with beef, pepperoni, onion, and green pepper.

  6. My fave pizza ever is not really a delivery pizza. It’s from a little restaurant close to where my mom lives. They make it in a wood-fired oven and it is spectacular. I love it with pepperoni, green bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions, bacon and, of course, cheese and lots of it! 🙂

  7. We can’t get delivery where we live – too far from town! I pretty much love all pizza in pretty much any configuration – except no olives. I live relatively close to New York City, and there is just *nothing* like grabbing a huge slice, and eating like a real New Yawka… by folding it in half! Weird the first time I did it, but totally norm now.

  8. Me too! It is no fun to be stuck with three kids in the house with dh away on business. But we need to go out today and get food. I hope things get better for you. No delivery pizza for me. I am a New Yorker, and I’ve not tasted a pizza outside of New York that comes close.

  9. MMMMMMM… well, my favorite FAVORITE is Chicago pizza – sausage. Can’t beat it! For “Ohio” pizza, #1 is Luigi’s Pizza in Akron – pepperoni & mushroom. (Has anyone been there? Amazing!). Number two is definitely Donato’s with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green olives. Three is Napoli’s in downtown Canton… thanks, cuz! Now you’ve made me really hungry for pizza! Last night it was a Turtle Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen… this is an unhealthy cravings week!

  10. I haven’t had delivery pizza in probably 5 years! We make dough in our breadmaker and make pizza every Thursday night. We skipped last night so we’ll do it tonight. Hubby and I love veggies on ours, peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, but also pepperoni and sausage. Our kids like plain old cheese. We usually leave a cheese only portion for them and put something on our side!

    My favorite delivery pizza is Papa John’s and my husband likes Domino’s.

  11. East of Chicago….”dressed to go”
    as far as the cold….it’s called “the weather”…mankind isn’t powerful enough to alter what God created……winter= cold
    summer= hot…thats the way it’s been for the last 8000 years but you will always find someone to whine about it….have a blessed weekend!!!

  12. Hi again! Just for fun I checked (on the internet!) how much -30 degrees C (which it is right now here in Quebec) was in Farenheit and it turns out it’s -22 F. Can you say “Brrrrrr”?

  13. Pizza Hut! LOVE the new The Natural Pizza with the rustica sausage, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, black olives, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms. My favorite used to be the stuffed crust meat lovers but the grease is crazy on that one. I still enjoy it though 🙂

    Happy Friday!!

  14. We do Pizza N Movie night on Friday. We usually go cheap and pick up take n bake pizza at the commissary or WalMart. I prefer “everything” pizza, but the kids like pepperoni or sausage & cheese so that is what we usually have.

    In Alaska Papa Murphy’s is the BEST!

  15. We don’t have Papa John’s in Canada. We have a Domino’s right down the road – so we usually order from there. DS doesn’t like much on his, so he and I usually share a simple pepperoni. But I would rather include green olives, bacon and mushrooms. DH gets his own – with weird stuff like pineapple and anchovies ACK!

  16. We have a chain called DaVinci’s that is wonderful. I like Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes and jalapenos. But we never order that. We get cheese or pepperoni because the short people run the house.

  17. I like Papa John’s, too, but living in a rural area, we have no delivery! I think it’s the pepperocini’s (sp?) and the garlic butter that makes me enjoy their pizza more than the actual pizza, per se…
    For eating in, I really love Nick and Willy’s. It’s a chain, but our two here have local owners and the pizzas are really great.

  18. Papa’s Johns, with just about anything on it except anchovies and hot peppers. I also like Mazzio’s.

    In Oklahoma, we also have a few Hideaways Pizza. It is very different from most pizzas, and it is delicious. It’s actually my favorite, but we don’t have it delivered. We go there to eat.

    Sometimes I make my own pizza. I guess I like just about any kind of pizza except the old frozen cardboard stuff.

  19. I usually make my own. Only one pizza place here in small town SC. I put onions, peppers (pickled and red), sauted mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni, black olives and italian sausage. YUMMY!!

  20. No pizza delivery out here in the sticks.

    I like thin crust, loaded with lots of meat. We have a local chain called Milano’s that is pretty good. Otherwise, I’ve always liked Pizza Hut.

    I’ve never really mastered a good homemade pizza crust.

  21. Let’s see now:
    To be honest the local pizza places like Pioneer Pizza have wonderful pizzas. There is also a local Greek & Italian place (Piccolino’s I think the name is but I’m not positive that I’m spellling it correctly) is also really good. both places deliver though I’ve not had them delivered here.

    We usually have either Great Alaska Pizza (formerly Little Caesars) or Pizza Hut deliver but last time it was almost $50!!! Won’t be doing that again.

    We do love Papa Murphy’s take & bakes – kids get a half pepperoni (for the girl) half pep & Italian sausage and hubby and I like to get the garlic chicken or a supreme (I take off the mushrooms and give them to him 😀 ).

    We also like to make pizza at home and then my favorite one, yet most time consuming is the Chicago stuffed pizza – double layered in a large round casserole. YUM

    We made pizza last night.

  22. Delivery. Not so much. Favorite pizza I don’t have to make? Has to be Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Gourmet Vegetarian! YUMMY, and I’m a major carnivore! LOL. Great stuff!

  23. We have no pizza delivery in our corner. If we want pizza, we have two choices…a local mom and pop store (thick crusts) and a eat-in pizzeria (thin crusts) so it just depends upon how much bread we’re in the mood for.

  24. The fisrt answer I dare leave for your nosy feel… LOL
    No need to name the pizza place we get delivered from, for no one knows it, as it is one of those illustrious unknown places!
    But… we always order one Hawaian style pizza: ham, pineapple and mushroom, and the other with smoked chiken strips and black olives, both well done on thin, crispy dough. Wala! Hummm… I’m calling now! LOL It’s Friday night and I deserve it! LOL

  25. I haven’t eaten pizza from enough American chains to compare. There’s a Domino’s next to our church so that’s what we normally get. Thin crust, with ham and pineapple for me. The boys like plain cheese.

    This is not delivery, but has anyone tried the lobster pizza from Red Lobster? I LOVE it!

  26. I really like Papa Murphy’s. They offer the take-n-bake. It’s affordable and so yummy. But my favorite is still good ole’ Pizza Hut. Pan Crust with onions, pepperoni, black olives. I try not to order that specific one because I tend to eat the whole thing by myslef!
    Back in Florida there was a little pizza joint called Mama Rosa’s. They had great pizza. Hamburger and black olives from there was the best!

  27. LOL! Yeah where is that damn global warming? It’s like 8 degrees here people!
    I need a second mortgage for my heating bill this month!
    Pizza delivery–ha ha, what’s that? This is cape cod, no such animal around here unless you like Dominocrapo.
    But luckily we have a wonderful ma & pa Neopolitan pizza joint that has the best pizza, just like pizza in NYC. I have to have hamburg, sausage, onions, mushrooms and hot peppers baby!

  28. I’m definately an exception here. I don’t care for Papa Johns or Papa Murphys. Loved pizza in NYC (Johns…mmmm) and I also like a good Godfather’s Combo and I’m ashamed to admit it but I like Chuck E Cheese :0
    I think I ate so much cheese pizza when my kids were little that now I’d rather have Chinese take-out 🙂

  29. It is almost midnight her in subzero Illinois. I never stay up this late but for some reason can’t sleep. And now I want pizza. Lou Malnati’s (I think they are only in the Chicagoland area) deep dish pizza. Just cheese. No other toppings. Just thick, gooey cheese.

  30. You would think with all the Italians living in the Boston area that I would like pizza from a small family owned place. Nope. I love pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Beef and extra cheese, light sauce. YUM!

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