January 14

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week.

I know, Sunday should be, but it isn’t.

On Tuesdays, my friend comes over for supper and then we play games.

It is so great to have fun and fellowship.

Last night she tested our friendship.

About 20 minutes after she left she called me.

Friend:  Hi hon.   It’s me.

CC:  Hi Sweetie, watcha’ need.

Friend:  AJ needs help with his math.

CC:   Sure.

Friend:   His problem is huge line, parenthesis ‘a’ squared plus ‘b’, another parenthesis plus…blah, blah, blah, blah

CC:   *ears hurting* Stop!  Don’t say another word…your confusing me.

Friend:  I have chocolate cake over here.

CC:  I’m on my way.

So I left around 8:15.

Around 10:30 I made it home.

I helped the poor boy, but for the record…

I can be bought with chocolate and Algebra is the devils handiwork.



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18 thoughts on “January 14”

  1. My son needs gobs of help with his Algebra and I am making chocolate chunk cookies today. 🙂

    What a blessing to have and be such a wonderful friend.

  2. Double Fudge Brownies with Heath Bites sprinkled on top served with TinRoof Sundae ice cream? Can you help my daughter with her Trig??

    You are a great person to help a mom out with Algerbra homework!!! 🙂

  3. That is too funny, and I know how it is to try to do algebra over the phone. My daughter calls me to help my 12 year old grandson with his.

    But she never offers me anything yummy.

  4. You are a good friend.
    I’ll make, or buy, any kind of chocolate that you want if you’d come up here to help my son with his algebra. After all you did send your winter to me – and I didn’t ask for it – so this is the least that you could do.

  5. Amen to that. I took two college algebra classes right before I graduated and they were awful.I put them off until the last possible minute like a big dummy so I was taking harder classes for my program and algebra! YUK!
    How nice of you it was to help not only your friend, but her son. I’m sure they appreciated it!
    And to get some chocolate cake out of the deal? Sounds like an OK trade off to me! 😉

  6. How did you manage to stay up that late? I guess the caffiene in the chocolate had a little something to do with it.I didn’t realize you could be bought so easily.

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