January 13

Growing up, ma always set a pretty table.

There was always a centerpiece, and many times  a table cloth and candles burning.

Food was always put into pretty dishes, not pots and pans, and she would  always made sure that our meals were healthful.

There was always something on the supper table from every food group.


Vegetables.~~the healthy ones like salad, broccoli and cauliflower,  or green beans, and every so often the corn and potatoes I craved.


And sometimes cottage cheese.

She would sprinkle the cottage cheese with paprika to make it look pretty, and I would always take some.

I took it not because I wanted it but because I felt badly that she worked so hard to make it pretty and no one else took any.

I didn’t want her to think that no one cared that she worked so hard for us.


I didn’t seem to inherit that gene.

I’m a slacker.

I tend toward one dish meals.

Dump it all into one pot and call it good.

That’s what I did with today’s TWD recipe.

I made a ‘throw together’ cheesy chili mac and topped it with the  Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins that Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake picked.

This recipe is fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous.

Go check out Rebecca’s blog and grab the recipe.


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  1. MMMMMMMM. That looks so good!

    I didn’t inherit that gene, either. We might be sisters from another Mother.;)

    Great job with making this recipe work for you! It looks fabulous. Too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision…boooooooooooooooooo!

  2. Your mother always tryed to teach you girls the proper way to set a table and to fix healthy meals,like fried eggs with lightly buttered toast,very few pancakes and the like. I don’t know where you got your “slacker” gene from. Every one that had anything to do with your “gene pool” doesn’t match the discription of a “slacker”


    Rebecca’s ” dump it all in one pot ” meal looks good…

  3. Okay, my guys would so love this…it looks lovely, but you know me by now: Too many ingredients touching! LOL LOL. I think I will try this for them, however, as I can so see the swimmer eating this straight out of the pan after a five hour swim practice, can’t you? Thanks for the idea…you are so great with the ideas! Loved your story about your mom.

  4. Sounds like your mom is a wonderful woman. But hey, if being a slacker inspires meals like the one you are showing us here, I wish there were more slackers in the world.

  5. What, it’s not ok to serve everything from the pans still on the stove? 🙂 I love the idea of spreading the cornbread over the cheesy mac. It looks great!

  6. How fantastic is that!!!! What a great idea. I wonder how it would be with tamale pie as the topping instead of plain ol’ cornbread. It looks delicious!

  7. Brilliant idea to top the chili with the cornbread! Thanks for sharing your memories of your mom…you were so sweet to care that her efforts didn’t go unappreciated. I just love that!

  8. What a wonderful mother you have! It was pots and pans on the stove for us as kids. We dined buffet style I guess you would call it. As always, your photos amaze me and how creative to put it on top of your chili. I’m loving that!

  9. What a gorgeous opening photo of the dry ingredients. I love it. And you’ve hit upon a great new way to use this recipe. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  10. Gracious, your pictures are gorgeous! And I really like the text…the buildup to your one pan meal. Your writing is very soothing. Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

  11. Before you admitted the slacker part, I thought you were saying that you were always the GOOD child.
    This dish is right down my alley. I don’t care what it looks like so long as it tastes good. It all ends up in the same place anyway. This way we don’t have to go to three different places on the plate to get the full effect. It’s just easier this way(You see, I’m a slacker, too!). And, by the way, if you’re like me, you serve it in the skillet!

  12. I also love one dish/pot meals, so convenient. I tend to make the family come to the kitchen to dish up their food then sit at the table to eat.

    I won’t be serving this at my house though, and not because no one would eat it – well I know hubby would but not sure about the kids – it is because of my body’s reaction to beans.

  13. First off, I Iove the way your mom thought about meals. I do the same thing and always try to have a nice mix of dinner music playing in addition to the table setting… Secondly, you were definitely thoughtful in wanting your mom to know you appreciated the extra efforts. (I wish my son would do the same!) Finally, the idea of making the muffin batter as a topping to a chili mac is brilliant! Love it!

  14. Thank you sweetie for making me look good:) It looks delicious! I had never heard of corn bread with chili until recently. Give me anything with pasta and I’m in heaven. That topping looks really yummy!

    I got the never serve meals in pots & pans from my dad and mom. That was a big no no.

    BTW…The reason it took daddy so long to finish the woodworking projects he started was because he had too many other things going on, like school, work, ministry, working on cars, etc. He was always busy, never a slacker though.

    I remember when we would go to craft shows, he would see something he liked and would say, “I could make that” , I would say “yes, but I want it in this lifetime:)” He does good, but just doesn’t have the time he needs. His hearts in the right place though.

    Now I want some of your throw together Chili Cheese Mac!

  15. Hilarious!
    My mom always put things in dishes and sat them down on the table for us to dish them up from. Why dirty extra dishes is my philosophy? I love the creativity in this meal!

  16. Phwoar Tanya – I am lovin’ that cheesy chilli mac – with beans! And the muffin mix on top! Yum!! I am from your school of cooking – one pot, no pretty dishes. What matters is that it tastes good.

  17. Fa-bu-lous…not lazy but fabulous…I am going to copy that idea next time….I just read your post about the math homework..My sister is a math teacher who can be bribed with gummi products and I am going to stock up on gummi bears so I don’t have to help my sons with their math homework!

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