25 thoughts on “January 12”

  1. Hahahahahahahaha…best laugh of the day so far! Thank you for allowing me to scratch another “gee, I’d like to try that” from my list.

  2. Measure twice, knit once :).

    Really, except for the fact that they didn’t quite fit right, I loved them!
    Very warm and cozy (okay, maybe a little too cozy on the right foot).

    Love ya!

  3. oops:( Oh well it does look beautiful maybe you can frame them;) Don’t feel bad I just finished a beautiful bookmark and was trimming off ends with my big scissors and cut through the whole thing. Back to the drawing board:p

  4. That is hilarious! Don’t feel bad; I did that once. I knit the first sock while visiting my mom, and the second while at the beach with my husband and the kiddos. The second one turned out three sizes bigger than the first one! I’m still laughing over that.

  5. Oh that is so funny! I almost spilled my water on that one!

    I have ‘take up knitting’ on my to-challenge-myself-list. I’m sure I will do this as well….

  6. What a gorgeous pic (top)! And oh my type of pic (bottom). ROFL That’s too cute! I would love to try knitting, never socks. I will try dishrags and scarves. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your not so perfect moments with us. 😉 Hugz.

  7. I know this is a late comment, but that made me laugh out loud. And made me laugh again later in the evening. Very cute. Laughing at our mistakes (at least this is sooo true for me) is a big way to get a perspective adjustment.

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