January 11

A couple of years ago when Superman decided he was going to purchase me a vehicle for our Anniversary, instead of the huge diamond ring I wanted, I decided I’d go with a small SUV.

I pouted for the longest time, ’cause diamonds are forever, and Superman got me something that was going to break down, rust or need some sort of maintainance  at regular intervals.

Diamonds just sit on your finger and sparkle.


I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but Internet, I heart it.

I like not having to mush myself down into a car, or hoist myself up into a huge vehicle.


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  1. About 2 years before our first child was born, we bought our first SUV, a Ford Escape that was my dream car! We hauled our canoe on top of it and took a bunch of camping trips with it. When my first little car, a Ford Escort got too uncomfy for us, we bit the bullet and bought a Subaru station wagon and…..I LOVE IT! Then just before our second was born, we traded in my sweet little SUV for a van. Now I have to admit that I do love my van, but I really really miss my little Escape. Someday when the kids are older I hope to have another one. Practicality won in this case because we travel a lot and being able to fit both kids, the dog, and tons of luggage in either vehicle wins!

  2. I never, ever thought I’d say this but I prefer to drive an SUV. I had a Camaro up until my child was born and thought I’d always miss it, but now I love my Jeep like crazy.

  3. I love to drive a vehicle that I don’t have to fall into or one where I can’t see…yup, I prefer to be above it all. That said, I own a car. My mom is currently in the market for a vehicle and I’m strongly urging her to consider a small SUV because she has rheumatoid arthritis and it is so hard for her to get in and out of a car. I’m gonna tell her what you said.

    BTW, I want a diamond, too. Maybe next year. =?

  4. We drive a 2-wheel drive suburban. Have been looking around to downsize as we only have 3 children at home anymore but …….nope we are just going to upgrade the 2WD sub as thats what we love.

  5. I do drive a SUV and I like it, especially in a Minnesota winter. Plus we need it to pull our boat. But I would prefer a van…a Honda Odyssey to be exact. I drove one before the SUV and my inlaws have a new one now and I love it. I want that!

  6. I used to have a Ford Explorer that I LOVED, but when we were surprised with Baby #4 we had to get something bigger (or rather, something with more seating). J said I could get an older Explorer (older than what I already had) with 3rd row seating and no room to carry anything, or an almost-new minivan. I really desperately hated to admit that he was right, but he was. So I drive a Chrysler Town&Country with stow-n-go seating. I can’t say I love it, because it’s a MINIVAN for crying out loud, but I don’t have any complaints about it. Except that it’s not a truck. I hope someday to have a truck again. : )

  7. I like different vehicles for different reasons. Right now I love my 4-wheel drive Explorer and would love a newer one – it is going down hill. 🙄 Like Kristy having the 4-wheel drive is very important up here.

  8. Didn’t see it on the list, but totally a pick up truck. Namely a Ford 350 Turbo Diesel engine… I love feeling like the queen of the road. 😀

    But I’m plenty happy with my SUV.

  9. SUV, but dh bought me a minivan during the summer. I begged him to give me his Yukon, and he could buy himself a Crossover type vehicle. What does a man need a 7 passenger truck when his wife is at home and hardly leaves the house? Now that we’ve bought the minivan, he is looking to trade his truck for a smaller vehicle. Grrrrr!

  10. I have to drive a car right now, but I want either a station wagon (A Taurus X or a volvo)…but, money is an issue…it sure would be nice not to have to dig out the car QUITE so much when it snows as mush as it does here!!!

  11. I love my Ford Expedition! But we are wanting to trade it in when we get to Alaska as it is a “fair weather” vehicle. I think I want a Toyota Sienna, AWD. Our other vehicle is a Ford Excursion Diesel…it will be a good vehicle in Alaska.

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