January 10

About 10-15 years ago, our family began playing  a game called Christmas bingo.

To play Christmas bingo, first gather all sorts of  gifties.

Gifties like…

Clear shower curtain rings from the Goodwill

A box of Stetson cologne

A bag of peanut M&M’s

or my favorite

A bottle of lotion from Bath and Body

All these are wrapped and put in a pile.

Then you will need a blank bingo card, and a list of things that pertain to Christmas that everyone  can fill in where ever they want.

Once your card is personalized, the game begins.

Items will be called till someone bingo’s.

Once you bingo, you get to pick a gift.

The next person that bingo’s has the option of either taking your gift or getting one of their own.

If your Sister takes your bottle of lotion from you numerous times, your out of luck.

Till you take it back…muahahahahhahaha

This goes on till all the gifts are opened.

And while Sister was here for Christmas we played.

Guess who got the clear shower curtain hooks from the Goodwill and  hasn’t used her bottle of lotion yet?



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  1. We play something similar called “Now you have it, now you don’t” bingo. Everyone writes down 5 numbers between 1 and 35 and then a caller calls the numbers at random. Each time your number is called you grab a gift from the pile and once they are all gone from the pile you can steal from someone else. It gets crazy fun and wild and then at the end we all open them. I LOVE playing it and my kids think it is hilarious!

  2. Both the Bingo games…yours and Tracie’s above sound like a lot of fun. I wish that my family would be more willing to play games, but I’ve tried a few years and they always go down in flames. What could I be doing wrong?

  3. If I remember correctly, dear Lotion Thief, the lotion was mine originally – it was you who kept stealing it from me. And now I find that you haven’t even used the wondrous, yet pilfered item!?! I’m in shock!

  4. I played something similar at a ladies party last month. Each person was supposed to bring at least 2 wrapped/bagged gifts. All gifts were put in a pile in the center of the circle. The hostess then passed in opposite directions 2 pie plate each with 2 die in them. When you rolled a double you could go to the pile and select a gift. You then put said gift in front of you unwrapped. When all the gifts were taken the gifts were then opened. The hostess then set a timer for 5 minutes and the plates were passed again only this time when you rolled a double you were able to go take a gift from someone else.

    At the end of 5 minutes you got to keep whatever gifts were in front of you. The hostess had a few gifts in reserve for those who did not have any in front of them.

    My girl wound up with a manicure set and I had 2 pottery bowls and a John Wayne double feature.

    It was called Eskimo Bingo thought the hostess had no idea why. It was a lot of fun and I can see this happening at another party this year as well.

  5. I remember playing that game. We had some pretty close to almost fist-a-cuffs. All in fun, of course. It was a riot when all of us were together!!! Those were the days.

  6. We always play a game called Take-Away. Every one brings a wrapped gift. We usually set a theme each year-this year was a good item. Each person draws a number, numbered from one to how many are playing. The first person must ‘go to the tree'(the present pile). Person #2 can either go to the tree or take away from #1. #3 can take away from #2 or #1 or go to the tree, and so on. In the event of 2 take aways in a row, the second person stolen from has to go back to the tree. The game ends when all gifts are opened. We have a great time and love the ‘suspense’!

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