January 9

The government didn’t waste any time getting me my 1040.

It arrived Monday.

Maybe it has something to do with that $700 billion bail out.

Lucky me!

It’s Friday, Internet and I’m nosy.

How do you file your taxes?


H & R Block?

The old fashioned way through the mail?

Have a friend do them for you?

Tell me, I must know!


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  1. We have a CPA do ours because we are dismal about getting them done and he files electronically. It has been great for us. The paperwork used to sit on the kitchen table for weeks and then we would panic. Now we get a workbook to fill out in January, we fill it out, and drop it off. He mails back papers for us to sign and voila…done!

  2. Cool! I wish we could file now. Being military, we never get The Man’s 1040 until the end of January, and then we file online with whatever company is offereing free services to active duty folks that year. We did them the old fashioned way up until about four years ago. The new way is much easier!

  3. We have to have a guy do them. We usually start talking about them in January, file an extension on April 15, and finally get them in sometime later in the year. We are losers in that regard!

  4. We are ranchers so have to file by March 1 – ugh. We have an appointment with our CPA on the 22nd. We used to do our own but with land, cattle, depreciation, etc, etc and with new tax laws it’s just safer to go with someone who is in the know! We always have a meeting with our CPA in November to see what needs to be done (bought or sold) before the end of the year. I’m still waiting on 1099’s, etc. which I know won’t come until after our appointment. Oops – I forgot “I” need to get my W-2’s and 1099’s sent out – better go.

    Good luck with your taxes and all the best in the New Year!

  5. Being we have trucking and now added the farming nightmare to the whole taxes thing we do them with lots of chocolate (for patience) on hand. I despise getting it all ready. Then we bring it to our lawyer who spins his magic on it all and files electronically for us! Til last year we did it the old fashioned way.

    Happy Taxes Time everybody!

  6. The Farmer figures them out and we mail them the old fashioned way. However, this usually involves him tearing apart every drawer and file in the house because OF COURSE the most important piece of paperwork we need always goes missing at the last minute.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. I do ours on paper and file them by mail. I filed electronically a couple of years, but then my husband heard something about the servers used by the e-file companies not being as secure as they should be? I really don’t know details on that…

    Anyway, we got our 1040 and our state forms. Now we have to wait for W-2s and all the other little statements and forms to get here.

  8. We just got hubbies W-2 in the mail – wow were they fast or what. Now I get the joy of making sure that all the tax paperwork is in one place. Then I get to call “Our People”…..actually it is just one people…..actually a friend who is willing to help us with ours. We do pretty well going this route. We rarely pay but with hubby’s new job we tend to get returns due to the way he’s paid with when/how he works – it’s complicated.

    Anyway, we buy the TurboTax program and file electronically – I love that we see the money in the bank in about 2 weeks after filing.

  9. My husband has had a tax business for more than 20 years. He provides his services to many many fine people. People like to use him because they say he has a ‘sharp pencil’:) He even goes to folks homes with his portable office. Oh the wonders of new technology. He files them on-line and PRESTO….the money shows up in the bank account!!!

    I enjoy your blog…you make me smile!
    Be blessed today

  10. Being a tax preparer, I file my taxes electronically. CC fyi, starting next year the state of Ohio is making EVERYONE file electronically. I love doing taxes!

  11. I do mine online through TaxAct. I have used them for about 3 yrs now and I have always been pleased with their services. It cost about $20 if I remember correctly. Not quite free, but cheap enough for me. We also do direct deposit so the money is in our acct. quickly which is nice. We will hopefully get hubby’s W2s next pay period and get the filing underway.

  12. I’m married to a professor of accounting. He rather enjoys doing the taxes, that’s only because somehow we still get refunds! I know that will change someday. He always files them before Jan. is over (we already got his W2 also) and we get our refund in Feb.

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