January 7

Christmas and New Years is over with.

Ma’s birthday party is over with.

Sister has gone back home.

Now what?

Now I think I will show you what I got for Christmas.

Tell me, how much do you think is left?

The answer tonight at 6.



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18 thoughts on “January 7”

  1. Welll…. The Snicker Santas wouldn’t last long with me! I think you saved the Hershey’s dark choc bars, the wrapped Dove and Kisses for baking. Perhaps the box of Russel Stover was shared with the fam?????

  2. Those Hershey’s Special Dark are my favorites. We don’t get them that size here though. Well, I’ve never seen them that size anyways, just in those snack sized bags we get around Halloween and in baking chips. They make the best chocolate chip cookies. πŸ™‚

  3. My husband works for a major university and got 2 weeks off for Christmas/ New Year’s, but now he has no time off until summer. I hate that big gap! I’m looking forward to a family reunion in 2 weeks and then the birth of a nephew soon and a niece in March!

  4. haha! I got a ton of candy for Christmas too. I walked around the house over the weekend and dumped all of the chocolate into a gallon sized ziplock bag. It was FULL! I would totally mail it to you. I’m not a big chocolate fan.


  5. I LOVE the Snicker’s nutcrackers.

    I no longer have room in my pantry…it is full. Thank goodness I don’t believe in resolutions or I would disappoint the entire world.

    I think we should come up with another holiday…I’m bummed that there’s not one around the corner.

  6. I would venture to say,Not much!! My chocolate has been gone for a while. I hate to think it might get stale,so I try to eat it as quickly as possible.

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