January 5

For the last 2 months or so, Sister, Dad and I have been planning a surprise birthday party for Ma.

We are  devious cunning wily foxy sneaky like that.

Sister and I told Ma that we were going to have a “day out together”~~which we did…

Dad told her that there was going to be a “baby shower” over there, so she wouldn’t be suspicious about cars and noise.

Hey!   There was a party going on.

He even set up this elaborate ruse of a letter and rental money for the use of the building.

She bought it, hook. line. and sinker.

She was surprised.

And  got great gifties.

Best of all, we got to celebrate 60 years of knowing a wonderful woman with friends, family, food and laughter.

Happy Birthday Ma.


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18 thoughts on “January 5”

  1. I hope you have all prayed for forgiveness! Thanks for the party and the surprise of such dear dear people to celebrate it with me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

    Love you

  2. It was a great party and great to see friends and relatives that I haven’t seen in years.

    Happy Birthday Mama!

    Maybe next year I will actually play O Holy Night for you.
    – Sister chip

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! (She does NOT look her age. I know 60 year olds and she looks my age. I’m nowhere near 60. I am not!)

    Of course, she was surprised. Who wouldn’t be with a diamond that large!

    Great job, girls. You are a credit to your mama.

  4. It sure does look like a fun time was had by all present!!

    Happy Birthday Mom Chip!! 😀
    That is some rock that you got!! Did Gramps give that to you for your years of love? 😆

    Good job Gramps, CC and Sister Chip!! I’m sure all is forgiven on all sides!

  5. We did good,huh? Willie, I did pray for forgiveness and all is right . We had a great time and Happy Birthday, sis.Love ya

  6. I wish we could have been there. We would have seen a lot of people we haven’t seen in years. Plus, there are more stories of the three Bobbies I could have squeezed out of Bob Teal.
    Happy Birthday Willie!

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