January 4

Internet, meet my dad’s brother Bob.   He and his lovely wife Nancy were at my parents yesterday.

Bob is the kindest, sweetest, most gentlemanliest man I have ever met.

He is also one of the most orneriest men I have ever met.

Uncle Bob likes to tell the story of his brush with the law.

It seems that when he was a teenager, he, his cousin Bobbie Gossett, and cousin Bobbie  Goodman were all riding around the neighborhood on the back of a scooter/moped type thing.

A police man saw all three of them on it, and he pulled them over.

He said “Boys, you know there isn’t supposed to be three of you on that thing.    What’s your name?” as he pointed to Uncle Bob.

“Bob”, came the reply.

The police man pointed to cousin Bob Gossett.   “What’s your name?”

Again, the reply was “Bob”.

The police man was not amused, and as he pointed to Bobbie Goodman and said “What’s your name?”, we all know what he answered.

Exasperated, the police man said “Boys! That’s not funny!!   I’m going to have to take you down to the station and call your parents.”

So he pointed to Uncle Bob and said “What’s your dad’s name?”

Bob came the reply.

Bob was the reply from all three boys.

You see there are 17 Bob’s on dad’s side of the family.

I almost named Chefboy Bob, but I figured he’d get lost in the crowd.



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18 thoughts on “January 4”

  1. That is hilarious…

    My step-father had 14 kids. There was Robert jr., who they called Bobby, Then there was Bobby, then there was Robin who they called Robby, then there was me Bobbie. So, we were Bobby, Bobby, Robby, and Bobbie. It was hilarious when we all were together. Someone would say Bobbie and we all would answer. They would do it on purpose.

  2. That is so funny. I don’t believe I ever heard that story. We did have a nice time yesterday, didn’t we? Food was yummy,too.

  3. 😀
    There are several “Bobs” and “Roberts” in my mother’s family: Uncle Bob named one son Robert who named one of his boys Robert as well and then an aunt named her oldest boy Robert and there may be another. My dad’s side favored William: Great-grandfather, uncle, cousin and possibly one of his boys.

  4. I am cracking up…..and trying to remember, aren’t all of George Foreman’s kids named George?

    I am sure Chefboy is most appreciative!

  5. LOL That is a cute story to pass down to all the future Bob’s!!!!

    The name in our family is Rochus/Rokus. My father was Rochus and then they named my youngest bro Rochus William Jr (Bill)-he so wished it was Robert!!! And then my sister married the only Rokus in probably all of the US!!!!! My brother is 33 yrs old now and has finally kind of accepted the name of Rochus! Military did not help with that for him. LOL

  6. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that story, it would have been a better investment than my 401k! Bobby Goodman told that same story at a Goodman family reunion some years back. Believe me, there are a lot more stories about “The Three Bobbies” out there. Press your Uncle for more.

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