January 3

You couldn’t tell it by looking at this picture, but Sister has an ornery streak a mile wide.

Ever since Sister and I began driving, she has taken me on what I like to call wild, nail biting, gut wrenching, blood pressure shooting, scary rides.

Sister calls them “adventures”.

Sister needs a wee dose of reality, and a GPS!

Today, Sister and I are going out for a day to ourselves.

I’m driving!



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12 thoughts on “January 3”

  1. The only thing that you don’t like about rides with me is that I don’t mind getting lost. Actually, I don’t get lost, I just go on adventures and take scenic routes that I’ve never taken before.
    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    I learn more about my surroundings that way. – And it’s great fun.

    But, you can drive today. I don’t know that I’m up to any adventures right now.
    – Sister chip

  2. Yeah the shiny thing in the nose shows there is a lil inner wild child!!! Hope you have a great time…but dont make too many memories as you will give your mama a few more grays!!! LOL

  3. I have known Andra all her life and I think you are misjudging her.LOL I have heard a few of her adventure stories. BTW I like the little sparkle on her nose.

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