January 1

Happy New Year, Internet!

Did’ja stay up late?

Did’ja watch the ball drop?

Or did’ja fall asleep on the couch at 10:30 like I did?

I tried, Internet, I tried so hard to stay awake, but I’m one of those ‘early to bed…early to rise’ kinda people.

Did’ja  make any New Years Resolutions?

I don’t even bother.

Know why?

‘Cause Queen of DeNile + Princess of Procrastination – Will Power = Grade A Slacker

What are some of your goals for the coming year?

I need to know, so I can live vicariously through you.




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17 thoughts on “January 1”

  1. Happy New Year!! I fell asleep but, was waken up at 11:58 to watch the ball drop. They wouldn’t do it without me. Then because I was half asleep I thought the neighborhood was getting shot up but, it was fireworks. lol.

    As for New Year’s Resolutions… Nope not for me. I have a few goals and those are to strengthen my relationship with Christ and to live better. And to make 2009 a GREAT year.

    Happy New Year again.

  2. Happy New Year! No, I didn’t watch the ball drop and I didn’t stay up and I don’t make resolutions! 🙂 My only goal for this year so far is to NOT be preggo at the end of this month, lol.

  3. I actually did make it to see the ball drop. I was shocked as I am an early to bed kinda gal myself.

    Resolutions? The only one that comes to mind is lose some holiday pounds.

  4. Yup. Watched the ball drop,talked to both my sisters(BTW your sister was still up at midnight!)I also called to wish my kids in California Happy New Year, but for them it was just 9 p.m. My goal for this year is to get to California!!!! I plan on staying the same sweet, adorable, wonderful person that I am. No need to try to mess with perfection.Right? Love to all and may this truly be a great year for everyone.

  5. Happy New Year, Chocolatechic!!!

    – Stayed up late – almost 2 a.m. when the head hit the pillow.

    – Watched the CORN DROP….(see my blog for further explanation).

    – No resolutions. Except to see in the next New Year.

    Goals? Working on them as we speak. Goals are a good thing to keep you focused but I’m terrible at setting them and worse at following up. Lists help.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. Didn’t watch the ball drop. But I was awake cleaning my kitchen and folding laundry. I’ll have to blog about my NYResolution. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope you all have a great 2009!

  7. We stayed up watching “The Return of the Jedi” and then went to bed around 1am. We got up just after 8am and went to a local restaurant for brunch with our kids. It was great! They are too little to stay awake past about 9pm so we’ll probably add activities as they get older. As for resolutions, I don’t make them. I hope to live with as much joy as possible this year, to learn new things and to find ways to serve other.

  8. I did not see the ball drop as I was at church – a great place to end and begin the new year. We did not get home until around 2:30 am this morning.

    If we had been home it is doubtful that I would have been able to stay awake as I tend to fall asleep early – that is the only way I am able to be by 5-6 each morning.

    I did not resolve to do anything this year though I did set myself some goals which I have listed this week on my blog. I guess I should provide an easy link to that so that I can find it easily to update and change as need. Hmmm – I think that should be a page all it’s own.

  9. Jeff took me out on the town for our first anniversary! We got married on NYE so we’d always have something fun to do.

    My resolution is to learn something new every day. I hate those days when my brain feels like pudding.

  10. I did stay up, however I wasn’t watching a ball drop, but I forget was we were watching.

    I do have some goals, but my biggest one is to make this year much better than last year. (Not hard since parts of last year were so horrific)

    Hope you all have a great year.

    See you on Saturday for our time out.

    – Sister Chip

  11. I stayed up and watched the ball drop. But then I was tired all day yesterday! I haven’t finalized my resolutions yet, sort of just have them floating around in my head. Which may be where they stay!

  12. Happy New Year! We had a shindig at the house and stayed up until about 3:00. I’m also an early riser, unfortunately… I’m early to rise no matter what time I go to bed.
    New Years resolutions? None. Things I’d like to do though: eat more salad (because I truly love it), carve out time to write more often and get back to walking 4 1/2 miles everyday.

  13. Happiest of New Years! Love the resolutions…I hear you…I don’t make them either as I know there is not a chance in the world I am going to do any of them…so I just always say my resolution is something that I already do anyway and hope they know I don’t already do it anyway…I think they have all been on to me for years, however. LOL. Best to you and for you in 2009!

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