December 24

It just isn’t smart to tempt Mr. Murphy so soon after he has messed with your life.

Just not smart at all.

Should you do so, your last egg yolk just might drop in the trash can.

So, you will send Chefboy to the store to get more eggs.

Your home made favorite pie dough just might end up in a puddle.

Chefboy, get a store bought pie crust, too.

This is what  you’ll get for using store bought pie crust.

Applie, will you ever forgive me?

Because of all the difficulties I had, It was rather late when I finished with it.

I chilled it outside because the outside temperature of 10º chilled it much faster than the fridge.

I was so looking forward to this Butterscotch pudding that Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases picked for us for yesterday’s today’s TWD, because I heart butterscotch.

My favorite candy is butterscotch, and I make this fabulous Amish butterscotch pie, so I was hoping that it would be comparable.

Sadly, this butterscotch paled in comparison.

The only redeeming thing about this entire recipe was the buttered pecans, and I didn’t even touch them.

Chefboy made them for me.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I am sending Mr. Murphy packin’!!


December 23

“The best laid plans of Chocolatechic mice and men, oft go awry.”

~~Robert Burns

Who knew that Mr. Murphy(‘s Law) lived back then?

It all started back in 19??.

Someone who once lived in the house I now occupy decided to enclose the back porch et voila!  a mudroom was born.   Complete with washer/dryer hookup a sink and toilet.

That someone forgot one essential element.


Fast forward to this past Sunday afternoon.

I asked Chefboy what he wanted for supper.   He said that he would like baked pasta, so I said sure…but your making it I’ll get right on that.

So down to the pantry (underneath said mudroom) I went to get the items to make baked pasta.

I noticed that it was much colder down there than usual.

Early Monday morning, 5:30ish to be exact, I was laying in bed thinking about the day.    I remembered that it was colder down in the pantry, and I knew I was going to have to do something about it.

Got up….blah, blah, blah…did my stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda, I took the refrigerator thermometer down to the pantry to see just how cold it was down there.

Came upstairs, started laundry, blah..blah…etc…

An hour later I checked, and Internet, it was 25º.

It is colder down there than inside my fridge.

Action must be taken.

I measured the window so that I could glue wood around it,  plastic it, thus keep a lot of cold air from blowing in.

Problem solved.


We didn’t have enough board to go around the window, no glue, and no spray foam insulation, and I kinda think we are out of plastic.


Back upstairs to finish laundry.

But because the room directly below the washing machine is a balmy 25º, the drain pipe froze and water began spewing out of said pipe.

And because the person in 19?? didn’t bother with insulation, or leveling the floor, the water all drained down into the pantry, and froze to the wall in rivulets, but not before soaking everything on the shelf underneath.

And the clean-up began.

Everything had to be removed from the mudroom, the half full washing machine muscled around the floor so that I could mop up all that water, and oh yeah, sweep up all the nasty gunk that gets stuck underneath appliances.


Since there is no INSULATION, the floor is a toasty 30ish degrees.

Do you know what happens to year old linoleum when it is 30ish degrees???

It gets brittle, that’s what.

And when half full washing machines are muscled around on it, it cracks, and rips and does all manner of things that make Chocolate want to cry and go back to bed.

When that mess was cleaned up, I decided that there was no way in the world I was going to attempt to make Butterscotch pudding for today’s TWD.

No.  way.

I’ll be doing it today, when Mr. Murphy seeks warmer habitation.


December 22

Growing up, and being a preacher’s kid is kind of  lonely.

Not only do you move around A LOT,  but many times the church’s don’t have kids your age, or because your the preacher’s kid, you are kind of just left alone.

Sister and I have always been there for each other.

Except for that brief year and a half stint in Houston, but we aren’t counting that.

We have been through good times, bad times, and ugly times.

We have huddled under blankets together in a hurricane, we have eaten candy bars during a tornado, and played Barbies in an earth quake.

Yep, we know how to have fun in disasters.

I haven’t seen Sister since August of 2007 and let me just say that, that is just way. to. long. to be away from Sister.

I do, however, have great news!!!

Sister is coming for Christmas!!! and I am B.E.Y.O.N.D excited.


Not only do I get so spend Christmas with Sister, but she is bringing her kiddos, and I have never spent Christmas with them.


The day after Christmas, we always ask each other what that persons favorite Christmas gift was.

I already know.



December 21

Internet, you are not going to believe what I am about to type, but try.



I am jealous of all those people who are getting blizzards right now.

I know!   I know!

I can’t stand snow, but all my Christmas shopping is done.

All my grocery shopping is done.

It is cold outside.

Christmas is 4 days away, and there is no snow on the ground.

There is something seriously wrong with that.


December 20

Every so often I like to look and see how some people arrive at my blog.

Sometimes people search for the strangest things.


Moonshine girl

Just because I have a couple of pictures of liquor bottles on my blog, doesn’t mean I make the stuff.

But I should.

I could make tons of money.

The other day, I went shopping for some single malt scotch for an upcoming TWD recipe.

$50 for a bottle, and I only need 2 tablespoons.

I didn’t get any.

Anyone have 2 tablespoons of a single malt scotch I could have???

fall cleaning windex

Obviously this person doesn’t read my blog.   If they did, they would realize that I’m a slacker and don’t do fall cleaning.

Ammonia blech

That’s what I say.   blech!

Man doing dishes

Yeah, I wanna see that too.

can you decorate cut out cookies later?

Well, you could, but cookies in this house don’t last very long, so if you wait to much later, you won’t have anything to decorate.

dr. hubert morquette


“patty hall” “just be glad”

I’m not “patty hall”, but I’ll be glad anyway.


nasty thing

I have 2 of those…dirty toilets.


Why in the world would someone search for ‘ewwwwwwww’?

and last but certainly not least…

pink cordless drills

None here.

If I had one, then I’d have to do all the fixing, so I make sure that  we have standard manly black cordless drills.  Somehow, though they all have dead batteries.

New batteries all around for Christmas!


December 19

Christmas is less than a week away, Internet, and I don’t have a single giftie wrapped.

Do you?

Are you finished shopping?

My mother is the best gift wrapper that I have ever seen.   I love getting gifties from her, because she always puts a special touch to her presents.

Do you like to wrap?

Do you prefer wrapping or gift bags?

Tell me all about your wrapping adventures.

I need to know.

I need the oomph to get busy wrapping my gifties.


December 18

I love taking candid shots of people.

Not to embarrass them, but because I love capturing the ‘essence’ of who they are.

Nothing does that better than candid shots.

For instance, the other day before we began to make cookies.

The girl was eating some melon.


And she realized that I was taking her picture instead of Chefboy’s.

Chefboy can not stand to have his picture taken.

He never has liked it.

We have him on video when he was about 4 or 5, running away from my dad  saying “Pawpaw…stop picturing me!”

And when I began to take Chefboy’s picture, he says something like…

“Mom!  Please don’t take my picture.”

“Seriously mom, please stop!”

So I just go into the other room and do it from there.

I can’t stop.

I think it is an addition.

And I don’t want an intervention.