December 31

2008 was such an amazing ride.

January found me taking all sorts of new photos with my brand new camera.



Dad helped the boy wire electricity to my island.

February the boy went skiing.

March brought me a new cat, which we later found out was pregnant.

Lucky us.

And I said good by to my sweet Grams.

April brought new life into the house.




And I was totally smitten.

May found us visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky.



The little ones finding new homes.


And 2 days later,  we were surrogates to 3 little ones who’s mama had died.

In June, the boy graduated, and found me frustrated in trying to take his senior pictures.




July saw my first TWD.

Apple Cheddar Scones.

Ball games were attended.

We started school early.

The neighbors thought that orange would be a better color than maroon.

And the boy went to Panama.

August was fairly uneventful, except that Superman hit a deer,

and bloggie buddies came for a visit.

In September, we took a day for fun.

My camera went to the doctor.

The boy started his first day of college.

And the girl won a ribbon at the fair.

In October, my camera came back from the doctor, broken, and had to be sent back.

And I shot a cross bow for the first time.

November found me knitting.

Games were won and lost.

And we gave thanks for all we have.

December found us shivering.



And counting blessings.

Tomorrow as we begin a new year, may God grant each and every one of us the strength for a the new day, the courage to face what we must, and the grace to deal with what comes our way.





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24 thoughts on “December 31”

  1. 2008
    Chocolate Chic entered my daily “favorites”
    i like watching her bake with chocolate and other bits
    i tried writing to CC a tribute poem
    because her life reminds me so much of home
    but unfortunately my poetry skills are the pits.

    Very best to you and all under your wings for 2009!

  2. What a beautiful post. Because of you and your lovely pictures, I have made a promise to myself that in 2009 I will take no less than 5 pictures per day. My goal is to make a picture album next year for both sets of grandparents that show the kids everyday life.

    I hope 2009 is a great year for you and your family! Keep blogging because I love seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your stories.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post. I especially liked the last picture of you and your sister–that is priceless. God is so good and your blog is a wonderful reminder of all the great things that God has done for each of us!! We are so blessed!

  4. what a wonderful post….I sit here nervously waiting for hubby to drive home from work in this blizzard we are having, this post calmed me down a bit.
    your daughter is gorgeous: all us Libra’s are ha ha!
    best wishes for a happy & healthy new year!

  5. Love the pictures. The one of your grandmother about did me in but the kitties revived me. Beautiful kids! Pictures like these have inspired me to dig in and save up for a really good camera!

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