December 29

Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day with my family.

I have 45 tons of pictures to prove it.

After I got home last night, I spent about an hour and a half photoshopping, and now I have ‘mouse hand’.

We had such a great time.

Superman and Chefboy got GPS’s for their vehicles.

Did you know that a GPS will keep track of your speed?

And then it has the audacity to make noises at you when you go over a set limit?

Both men had them out, playing with them as I drove the 40 minutes home.

Two GPS’s make for a very interesting ride.

Superman:   I set my speed to go off at 55.

Chefboy: Me too.      Oh.   Look, we’ve got 7 satellites tracking us.

Stupid GPS: (noise sounding because I have exceeded 55 mph)

CB: Mom your over the speed limit.

CC: I have the cruise set at 60.

SM: Nope now we have 10.

CB: Hey look you can see the strength of the satellites.

SM: Where?

Stupid GPS:  (more noise)

CB: go to options…blah…blah…blah…

GPS : (noise)  and CC wanting to smash either or both GPS’s.

Then there was a bunch of noises because the testosterone twins decided to play with the voices and the different noises it would sound when I exceeded 55mph.

Oh,  I tell you it was such a joy to ride home.

CB: It says we will arrive home at 7:49pm

CC: (snorting) No way.   We will get home at 7:30.

SM: But this says….

GPS:  (making awful noise again)

CB: It calculates it from your speed mom, we will get home at…oh, it is saying 7:46pm now.

CC: Nope…7:30.

GPS:  (more awful noises)

GPS: After 700 more yards, make a left

CC: (rolls eyes)

CB: Ooooh Mom, go straight up here.   I wanna see what she will do if we mess with her.

CC: (more eye rolling, and drives straight instead of turning like I am supposed to)

GPS:  Turn right.

CC: (eyes are beginning to ache from the rolling)

CB: Wow, it didn’t take her long to recalculate.

CC: (oh, my eyes)

Guess what time we arrived home?


7:30pm on the dot, and I didn’t need a GPS to tell me that!

Here is one shot from yesterday.    Isn’t Sister just the prettiest thing ya ever did see?

The boy just walked in from outside.   Just now.

Just so you know, “we can get seven satellites just from the back deck”.


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16 thoughts on “December 29”

  1. Yes you have a beautiful sister. Her sister is beautiful too, but don’t tell her I said that.

    I love the family shot; very nice! See all that red?

    We have a GPS also. I get tired of hearing “Please make a U-turn.” roll eyes… must be going around.

  2. We have GPS, but I don’t think it will do as many annoying things as Superman’s and Chefboys. It was a cheap model last year at Christmas.

    Sister is lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit yesterday.

  3. That is one of the best group family photos I’ve ever seen! Everyone looks incredibly happy. Your mother’s face is beaming. Yes, your sis is lovely and you’re no slouch either!

    What a funny conversation over the GPSs…they’re gonna make an honest driver out of you.

  4. I got a GPS for Christmas last year and I love it! I think I was geeky as your boys last year when I got mine, doing all the same things that they were. It’s too fun!

    Your photos are beautiful. Everyone looks lovely!

  5. Good gosh…..does that mean they’ll never, ever have to stop and ask for directions???? It’s a man’s dream for sure.

    Your sister is very lovely and so are your and your mother. Such a wonderful and happy looking bunch….especially the men with their electronic gear.

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. I love GPS gadgets. It gives people the last remaining excuse NOT to use their brain. (where did that sarcasm font go?) The Husband has one and I SWEAR he turns it on to go to my parents house. And.He’s.Gotten.Lost! Not lost really, but took the wrong highway, which… in the middle of Kansas City can be a HUGE mistake. Whatever.

  7. Beautiful family shot. Girl chic looks beautiful. Your sister’s daughter looks just like her. You all look great. We got an e mail from a church in Florida today to do a phone interview in mid january. Florida sounds good. We’re heading for Louisiana Jan 8 to candidate. I’m sure you remember THOSE days…….

  8. We received a GPS for our Anniversary in ’07. I have no idea how to use it at all. Hubby does that himself. I can follow a map and also one of the first times we used ours we too noticed that there were several satellites above us but they still had the roads wrong!!

    Love the picture and I must say that the men look very handsome while the women are just gorgeous!! 😀 You must have set up your tripod and set the timer to get that photo. The only problem is that the words in your sidebar are over your face 😦

  9. My husband can’t even drive through the town we live in and know like the back of our hands without the darn GPS on. You can change the voices, I like the sexy sounding Australian man’s voice. Try out different ones. Much better than some woman telling you you’re speeding! 😉
    Great family photo!
    Now, I need to know what that breakfast dish is you posted on the 27th. It looks so good!
    Happy New Year!

  10. hahaha, this was brilliantly written. I enjoyed every word! You take the most beautiful pictures. I have a little kodak Easy whatsit, with 10.3 mega pixels. I keep getting either a red hand or a cream coloured hand or a green hand when I take shots. I can’t figure out why. It doesn’t tell me in the book and I can’t find out anything about it on their websight. Then when I go to download the pics I only ever end up with half of what I have taken. Don’t know what’s up with that either! It’s very frustrating. Your camera takes beautiful shots and yes, your sister is very pretty!

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