December 26

It’s Friday, Interent, and I am nosy.

Y’all already know that Sister is my favorite Christmas gift this year, but I got a special gifty yesterday from Chefboy.

He made me a 8×10 mahogany picture frame.

I heart it.

I just gotta know what the favorite gift you received  yesterday was.


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23 thoughts on “December 26”

  1. I got a Kitchen Aid 600 professional!!!! I’ve wanted a Kitchen Aid for sooooo long and I never in a million years expected to get one with 575 watts of power!!! I’m trying that bad boy out today!

  2. Watching my wife open her present to find an Ohio State Buckeyes winter coat(sorry to whoever in your family is a Michigan fan, but, we won! nan nya,nya,nya,nya!).
    Actually, Christmas day is an anti-climax for me. Wake up, open presents, eat big, take a nap, go to bed, and, your done. It’s over. Now, what! January? Another year added to your age? It’s the weeks before that are the fun part, with all the carols on the radio, the public mood, cookie baking, etc. Christmas Eve service in a Lutheran church is especially nice with the low lights and everyone singing Silent Night while holding a lit candle. Good feelings all around. Oh well, next year will be here before we know it.

  3. My hubby and kidlets got me a “diamond” ring with five stones, one for each child. The kidlets were very excited about giving it to me. It was a very sweet gift.

    I’m with Cousin Jerry about Christmas being anti-climatic. Guess I’ll put on my Christmas cds and bake some cookies. In my opinion Christmas should atleast last until Epiphany.

  4. A quilt made out of my dad’s old t-shirts. He died in 2004, just after the birth of my daughter. I cried yesterday when I opened it. It made me feel so close to him!

  5. My favourite was a long-distance calling card so I can call home more often. Also, my small niece sent me a box of Hannah Montana cookies because “Auntie Dorothy NEEDS them.”

  6. I have to agree with Christmas needing to be longer first and foremost. I noticed both my neighbors were throwing their trees out already today. I will leave mine up for another few weeks. When the boys go back to school, I might take it down one day while they are in school. Then again, I might not…
    My favorite gift was having the day off yesterday. My husband really didn’t have me do much of anything. He cooked everything except the green bean casserole. I just got to sit and hang out with my kids and play with all their new toys. He even picked up and did the dishes TWICE!!! Woo-Hoo! It was a great day and that was the best gift.
    The blue sweater my mom gave me is tied for first though. Because I love it and I really wanted one. She nailed it this year! Go Mom!
    We would all love to see pics of this awesome picture frame you know! 🙂

  7. It was more fun watching my boys be so excited with all the things they wanted, well that and go to my blog and see the way cute frog cookie jar my husband got me! 😉

  8. Where is the picture of the picture of the picture frame?

    My favorite is my keyboard, which by the way your sister gift is playing right now:)

  9. It’s a rare ocassion when he cleans! It probably won’t happen again until next year! Sorry Cindy. But if he ever gets that whim again, I’ll see about renting him out to ya! 😉

  10. I’ve already blogged about my Christmas but honestly my gifts came to me early and the 2 best ones were hubby being home (he worked the last 2) and the look of surprise on my family’s faces when they saw the Wii that they had to go on a treasure hunt for (all the details are on my blog).

    Glad you had a great Christmas, sounds like Mr. M left your house 😀 I’m with everyone else I want to see pictures of this picture frame and I want to know where he made it with out you knowing about it. Was Gramps in on this?

  11. My best Christmas present came late Christmas night. After spending the evening of Christmas in the emergency room, we arrived home at 4:00 a.m. today. As my husband and I lay in bed ready to sleep, we heard the talking and laughing of our two daughters coming from the other room. Our daughters are older and the one we don’t get to see as much. It reminded me of past Christmases. It was priceless!

  12. My favorite gifts were from my sweet friends who went shopping for Christmas ornaments that I can hang up to remind me of Jenna. One friend searched high and low for an ornament with a robin on it because of how Jesus comforted me with a robin when Jenna went to heaven. (long story…)

    The greatest gift: simply feeling so loved this season. People have been absolutely amazing.

  13. Back in ’84 when I graduated high school, I took all my high school t-shirts (band, field hockey, Senior t-shirt, etc) and cut the logos off of them. I told myself I’d make a quilt out of them some day.

    HAH! I don’t even sew!

    My 12 year old daughter found them. She’s taking a sewing class. She made a quilt out of them.

    Her mama bawled like a baby.

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