December 24

It just isn’t smart to tempt Mr. Murphy so soon after he has messed with your life.

Just not smart at all.

Should you do so, your last egg yolk just might drop in the trash can.

So, you will send Chefboy to the store to get more eggs.

Your home made favorite pie dough just might end up in a puddle.

Chefboy, get a store bought pie crust, too.

This is whatย  you’ll get for using store bought pie crust.

Applie, will you ever forgive me?

Because of all the difficulties I had, It was rather late when I finished with it.

I chilled it outside because the outside temperature of 10ยบ chilled it much faster than the fridge.

I was so looking forward to this Butterscotch pudding that Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases picked for us for yesterday’s today’s TWD, because I heart butterscotch.

My favorite candy is butterscotch, and I make this fabulous Amish butterscotch pie, so I was hoping that it would be comparable.

Sadly, this butterscotch paled in comparison.

The only redeeming thing about this entire recipe was the buttered pecans, and I didn’t even touch them.

Chefboy made them for me.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I am sending Mr. Murphy packin’!!



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16 thoughts on “December 24”

  1. I’m sorry that Mr Murphy is enjoying his stay with you. I sure hope he quickly went away and doesn’t come back for quite a while, if ever.

    That is tragic about the yolk, pie dough and all but as long as you are surrounded by loved ones it will all work out.

  2. Oh, can I get the recipe for Amish Butterscotch Pie? My husband grew up eating butterscotch pie at every holiday dinner and I can’t seem to get a good recipe. When I try to click on the link it says I’m not allowed to edit the page.

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