December 23

“The best laid plans of Chocolatechic mice and men, oft go awry.”

~~Robert Burns

Who knew that Mr. Murphy(‘s Law) lived back then?

It all started back in 19??.

Someone who once lived in the house I now occupy decided to enclose the back porch et voila!  a mudroom was born.   Complete with washer/dryer hookup a sink and toilet.

That someone forgot one essential element.


Fast forward to this past Sunday afternoon.

I asked Chefboy what he wanted for supper.   He said that he would like baked pasta, so I said sure…but your making it I’ll get right on that.

So down to the pantry (underneath said mudroom) I went to get the items to make baked pasta.

I noticed that it was much colder down there than usual.

Early Monday morning, 5:30ish to be exact, I was laying in bed thinking about the day.    I remembered that it was colder down in the pantry, and I knew I was going to have to do something about it.

Got up….blah, blah, blah…did my stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda, I took the refrigerator thermometer down to the pantry to see just how cold it was down there.

Came upstairs, started laundry, blah..blah…etc…

An hour later I checked, and Internet, it was 25º.

It is colder down there than inside my fridge.

Action must be taken.

I measured the window so that I could glue wood around it,  plastic it, thus keep a lot of cold air from blowing in.

Problem solved.


We didn’t have enough board to go around the window, no glue, and no spray foam insulation, and I kinda think we are out of plastic.


Back upstairs to finish laundry.

But because the room directly below the washing machine is a balmy 25º, the drain pipe froze and water began spewing out of said pipe.

And because the person in 19?? didn’t bother with insulation, or leveling the floor, the water all drained down into the pantry, and froze to the wall in rivulets, but not before soaking everything on the shelf underneath.

And the clean-up began.

Everything had to be removed from the mudroom, the half full washing machine muscled around the floor so that I could mop up all that water, and oh yeah, sweep up all the nasty gunk that gets stuck underneath appliances.


Since there is no INSULATION, the floor is a toasty 30ish degrees.

Do you know what happens to year old linoleum when it is 30ish degrees???

It gets brittle, that’s what.

And when half full washing machines are muscled around on it, it cracks, and rips and does all manner of things that make Chocolate want to cry and go back to bed.

When that mess was cleaned up, I decided that there was no way in the world I was going to attempt to make Butterscotch pudding for today’s TWD.

No.  way.

I’ll be doing it today, when Mr. Murphy seeks warmer habitation.


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28 thoughts on “December 23”

  1. Oh oh oh…. I’m sooo sorry to hear this! I wish I could be there to help. You have a great attitude though. Plus, butterscotch pudding? ewww, there ain’t no chocolate in that for sure!

  2. Some people just don’t think when they build stuff which is why it is recommended to hire professionals. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this and I hope that you have time to really savor the pudding and have some chocolate to go with it after all that you’ve been through.

  3. Sounds like you have a similar situation to mine. I’d love to know who the bonehead was that built my……wait a minute….. I built my house! Drat! No one to blame! You could save money, turn off the fridge and store your cold stuff downstairs. Problem solved!

  4. Get an old quilt/blanket and tape or staple it around the window in the pantry. Wrap the pipes in something so they don’t freeze on you again. And then put insulating the pantry and retiling the floor on the Honey Do list for spring 🙂


  5. well, I don’t know if you’ll find comfort in this, but we are in a rental-from-hell until we buy our first house, and it’s orginally a summer home that’s been re-done as a year-round home. But what they forgot to do was put insulation in the basement. Plus there is no concrete, just friggin bedrock, so the outside air flow is oh so evident in this antique piece of sh**. So, this being our first winter in this rental-from-hell, we are literally heating up the air outside our home as well as the inside. Our first winter gas bill was $193.00. yep, for a 1300 sq.ft. home with no basement insulation. We cannot wait to get the hell out of here.
    I’m sorry you have to go through all that crap…it sucks. I hope your days get somewhat better.

  6. Holy cow….that’s a whole lotta problems to solve. I don’t envy you any of those tasks but I would suggest insulating as soon as the weather allows. Frozen pipes are a nightmare. I remember sitting up all night with a blow dryer in an attempt to keep pipes from freezing because the braniac developer who built our first house put bathroom pipes on an outside north facing wall. NORTH FACING…as in where all the horrendously cold air from Canada enters the midwest.

    I hope tomorrow is better. It took me 1 1/2 hours to snowblow the driveway and I’m going to have to do it again in a couple hours.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. I know what you are going through. We have had forzen pipes for three days. Very difficult to cook or clean. Especially when you are having guests over for Christmas dinner.We have to run a hose from outside to fill the bathtub, just so we can flush!!!If they don’t thaw by tomorrow, I will have to do the same for the laundry.UGH!!!

  8. Oh mercy. I’m sorry to laugh, but my goodness that was a funny story! I find myself in crazy “this can’t get any worse” situations only to find my next breath bringing more “worse” than before. I feel for ya girl. Really.

  9. Hi: eh, you forgot to credit the quote at the top to Abraham Lincoln an oversight I am sure. Well great recipes. Have a nice day eh!

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