December 22

Growing up, and being a preacher’s kid is kind of  lonely.

Not only do you move around A LOT,  but many times the church’s don’t have kids your age, or because your the preacher’s kid, you are kind of just left alone.

Sister and I have always been there for each other.

Except for that brief year and a half stint in Houston, but we aren’t counting that.

We have been through good times, bad times, and ugly times.

We have huddled under blankets together in a hurricane, we have eaten candy bars during a tornado, and played Barbies in an earth quake.

Yep, we know how to have fun in disasters.

I haven’t seen Sister since August of 2007 and let me just say that, that is just way. to. long. to be away from Sister.

I do, however, have great news!!!

Sister is coming for Christmas!!! and I am B.E.Y.O.N.D excited.


Not only do I get so spend Christmas with Sister, but she is bringing her kiddos, and I have never spent Christmas with them.


The day after Christmas, we always ask each other what that persons favorite Christmas gift was.

I already know.



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  1. What a precious gift. I hope you all enjoy this time together so much. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family at Christmas too. Have a Merry one!

  2. I am always so jealous of sisters who have great relationships. My sister and I haven’t spoken in several years. She blames me for everything wrong in her life. Honestly, I didn’t know I had so much power. I hope you have a fabulous time with your family.
    God’s blessings!

  3. Have fun, CC! I know you will. When my 3 sisters and I get together, we laugh and laugh at some of the stupidest things, but that’s what makes our relationship so fun.

    Have the Merriest Christmas ever and take LOTS of pictures!!

  4. Well yeah! I was a military brat and moved every 3 years my whole life, so I know…but my kids are military brats AND PK’s! So they get it double!

    Hope you and your sister have a special day together!

  5. I believe that having good sibling relationships on into adulthood is extremely important for the generations that follow. It seems to me that families that don’t have that, have children that are angry. They never quite understand the parable of the Prodigal Son. They think that the older brother got a bum deal. We were so fortunate to have parents, aunts and uncles that loved each other. Horray for you and Andra!
    (Ask your Dad, aunts and Uncle about growing up a PK!)

  6. Glad you get to see your sis again! Hope she gets some nice weather when she visits (so stop your blizzard wishing!)

  7. Yay sisters! I have three, and am blessed in different ways by each of them.

    You can have some of the 14″ of snow we have. How many inches you want? I’ll mail ’em to ya! kk

  8. I am soooooooo excited to come!
    We have had a lot of good times – even in Houston.
    Remember roasting marshmellows over the gas log in Houston?
    Just 4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope my kids don’t get sick. The little girl that played Mary in the Christmas play last night had a stomach virus. Joel was Joseph. She was running a 102 fever. 😦 I am praying that we stay well.

  9. I’ll be praying for Sister Chips kiddos – to not be sick. How could a parent allow their child be in a play while running a fever? I’m sorry mine would be home in bed not on the stage. JMHO

    I wish that my brother lived closer so that I could spend Christmas with him & his family. I’ve only seen his boys once and that was in 2002 and I’ve not spent Christmas with him or his family since 1990.

    We’ll be spending Christmas afternoon with hubby’s aunt, her 2 boys w/one’s girlfriend and possibly a couple of friends. Should be interesting.

  10. Enjoy every minute with your sister. Get plenty of pics to share with all of us. I pray you have a great and wonderful time with your sister cause there is nothing better! 😉

  11. I am so happy you two will be together for Christmas. I can speak from experience, there is nothing like my two sisters. They are soooooo precious to me. Even though we won’t be together at Christmas in body we will be together in spirit. It will be our first christmas without Mom and that makes me sad, but this will be her first Christmas in heaven and I can rejoice in that. Hold your loved ones close and love them as much as you can. Merry Christmas to all of CC’s bloggers.

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