December 21

Internet, you are not going to believe what I am about to type, but try.



I am jealous of all those people who are getting blizzards right now.

I know!   I know!

I can’t stand snow, but all my Christmas shopping is done.

All my grocery shopping is done.

It is cold outside.

Christmas is 4 days away, and there is no snow on the ground.

There is something seriously wrong with that.



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28 thoughts on “December 21”

  1. Good Morning! I can’t believe you don’t have snow. I live north of you in Diamond OH and I woke up to the ground covered in snow. It may not last if the sun comes out but never-the-less it is white outside. Yahoo! The only problem is that I have to go out and feed my chickens as soon as I am done writing this and the snow makes it look cold out.

    I’m always wishing for blizzards so I and the kids can stay home from work and school and watch movies all day(or plug them into a movie and I can read blogs). I read you every day and enjoy your blog very much.

  2. Come on up to northern New Jersey. We are trying to figure out if we should head out to church. It’s snowing and the plow hasn’t been by yet. The Christmas program that I did all the costumes for has been postponed. sigh…

    Have a good day!

  3. have you forgotten the blizzard of ’78? where you were???….what you were doing???…the loss of heat and lights??? bizzard??? NO THANKS

  4. We haven’t had blizzards (yet) although my sister has. We have had some snow every couple of days and it’s COLD so it’s here to stay. I sort of understand your wish, at least for a white Christmas.

  5. I can’t remember the last big snowfall we had here in NC. While I don’t enjoy the lack of power, I do enjoy the cuddling in front of a fire and watching movies together. When my children were just toddlers, we had a really bad storm and lost power for quite a while. My kids thought it was like a huge campout because we cooked marshmallows and hotdogs over the fire and I read books to them and played dress-up. I would love to build some snow people and ride 4-wheelers in the snow, but I’m afraid that won’t happen anytime soon. Even though it is rainy outside, people are still wearing shorts and flip-flops, not my kids, but some others. I even had the fan on last night in the bedroom because it was so hot. So much for hot chocolate, movies and a fire!

  6. *where’s the fainting smilie*

    I can’t believe YOU, CC are wanting snow. I thought that was considered a curse word in CC Land. I hope you get it for Christmas though. We’re also hoping for some that day.

  7. Here in Wisconsin we have more than enough white stuff and more to come. My shopping is done, my food is being made daily.
    My Channuka celebration may be just the 2 of us because of the weather and my Christmas may be just the 2 of us because of the weather, but…it is what it is.
    The blanket of soft, fresh white, the cool, crisp smell of snow in the air. Those things are what makes the holidays for me. I could do without the sub-zero winds, but…

  8. I would send you some of our Iowa snow, but unfortunately it’s buried under a half-inch of ice. Lovely!!! White Christmas is extremely over-rated.
    Spring begins when???????

  9. We just moved the baby home from Bowling Green and they had snow but at least an inch of ice. The trees looked pretty but some had broken branches from the ice. It was not a pretty sight. It can snow Christmas Eve!

  10. I am rather shocked but glad that I’ve got plenty of snow, it would have to get really warm really fast to not have it here for Christmas – not that I am wanting to get rid of it until the end of March at the earliest.

    While I do not hope that you get a blizzard – I’ll miss your posts if you lose power for too long – I do hope that you get a nice snowfall for Christmas.

    I always feel bad for those who get the bad storms but cannot deal with it so have power outages, closed roads and so on.

  11. I miss snow sometimes, especially when I’m looking at all the lovely winter wonderland pictures that people are posting. The last time we had real snow (all of a couple inches) was almost 5 years ago. Ice doesn’t count.

  12. I have snow on the ground. And -5* plus frozen water lines. You can have the whole mess. I have been fighting frozen water all week. And part of the week it was even -20*. So not fun at all.

  13. I with you CC! I want snow! Here in Tennessee, especially in the western part where we live, we hardly ever get snow! Of course, my dear husband disagrees with me–he hates snow!

  14. really, no snow? I thought you got hit with some of this. We are on our second storm and I have cabin fever BIG TIME. I’m driving my hubby crazy with odd projects I want done around the house now because of shear boredom. lol

  15. I’m sure there are places that would gladly give you some of theirs! I wouldn’t mind a little snow on Christmas, but I want it to hold off till school is back in session. I’m hoping for lot’s of snow days (we’ve been so shortchanged the last few years).

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