December 20

Every so often I like to look and see how some people arrive at my blog.

Sometimes people search for the strangest things.


Moonshine girl

Just because I have a couple of pictures of liquor bottles on my blog, doesn’t mean I make the stuff.

But I should.

I could make tons of money.

The other day, I went shopping for some single malt scotch for an upcoming TWD recipe.

$50 for a bottle, and I only need 2 tablespoons.

I didn’t get any.

Anyone have 2 tablespoons of a single malt scotch I could have???

fall cleaning windex

Obviously this person doesn’t read my blog.   If they did, they would realize that I’m a slacker and don’t do fall cleaning.

Ammonia blech

That’s what I say.   blech!

Man doing dishes

Yeah, I wanna see that too.

can you decorate cut out cookies later?

Well, you could, but cookies in this house don’t last very long, so if you wait to much later, you won’t have anything to decorate.

dr. hubert morquette


“patty hall” “just be glad”

I’m not “patty hall”, but I’ll be glad anyway.


nasty thing

I have 2 of those…dirty toilets.


Why in the world would someone search for ‘ewwwwwwww’?

and last but certainly not least…

pink cordless drills

None here.

If I had one, then I’d have to do all the fixing, so I make sure that  we have standard manly black cordless drills.  Somehow, though they all have dead batteries.

New batteries all around for Christmas!


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13 thoughts on “December 20”

  1. i know, it’s funny to see the different search terms.

    “seinfeld pudding skins” is a popular one for me. “padma lakshmi feet pictures” was one of the weirder ones. lol. 🙂

  2. I’ve had the same problem with alcohol for cooking. Somebody told me they sell the small, airline size bottles at liquor stores. I haven’t shopped for them though, so can’t say if it’s easily found or if it’s true for your area.

    Guess I can’t help at all.

  3. I don’t have search engines directing people to my blog but I love reading what others us to find my friends!!

    Where do we find the place showing a man washing the dishes???

  4. Regarding Pink Cordless Drills and dead batteries.
    Cordless drills hit their stride when manufacturers introduced the lithium-ion battery several years ago. These batteries combine huge energy density with light weight. (It’s no wonder they’re slowly replacing nickel-cadmium batteries.) Tool companies launched their lithium-ion revolution with big 28- and 36-volt models—tools that had great power but were also unwieldy. Now, virtually all manufacturers have added much nimbler 18-volt models. That kind of shift is PM’s signal to get to work, testing to see how well these drills meet a homeowner’s real-world needs.
    As of now I haven’t come across a pink battery or drill.

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