December 19

Christmas is less than a week away, Internet, and I don’t have a single giftie wrapped.

Do you?

Are you finished shopping?

My mother is the best gift wrapper that I have ever seen.   I love getting gifties from her, because she always puts a special touch to her presents.

Do you like to wrap?

Do you prefer wrapping or gift bags?

Tell me all about your wrapping adventures.

I need to know.

I need the oomph to get busy wrapping my gifties.


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25 thoughts on “December 19”

  1. When I have the time, I like to make my own wrapping paper with craft paper and paints. I love to use fancy bows and make the gifts look nice.

    Well, this year I don’t have much time, so there will be no painting this year.

    Mom and I have a great and fun memory of wrapping gifts one Christmas eve. We were so tired and grumpy and snappy with each other that it became funny. (well, probably not that night, but it’s funny now.)
    Hey Mom? Where’d you put the tape? I know you had it last! And I need it now! – My children have used every other roll in the house.

  2. Everything is bought, except for taking the kidlets to the dollar store so they can buy stocking stuffers for each other.

    Nothing is wrapped yet. Darling husband is threatening that if I don’t clean up our bed room I’ll be wrapping everything myself. Trust me, things will be spic and span by the time he comes home. He’s a much better wrapper than I am.

  3. I’m finished shopping, everything is wrapped, the house is clean and my inlaws don’t come until Tuesday!! I might actually do some baking or crafting between now and then. I’m looking forward to some down time.

  4. This year is so much fun because I don’t have to wrap anything. yeah!!! Stacey went with me to shop for Harley and Ashley and she wrapped that stuff right when we got home. Then Harley went with me to shop for Stacey, Mikayla, and Timmy and she wrapped those ones. So, this year. I am totally off the hook and I am loving it.

  5. I am one of those people that finds themselves at midnight Christmas Eve wrapping presents while keeping my ears tuned to the little footsteps of the kidlets. Unfortunately due to finances I am never able to shop early so everything is done at the last minute. But who am I kidding? I think if I was able to buy things early I would still be there Christmas Eve in the middle of the night wrapping! 🙂

  6. All the presents I have are wrapped!!!!!! Wrapping is ok but I am not meticulous about it…just want “cute” wrapping paper of different kinds.

    I need to get two gift cards and one more gift. Heading out shortly to take care of those.

    My friends family calls thier presents “prizes”…it cracks me up 🙂

  7. well…i have to force myself to wrap as all of my gifts are mailed out far and wide. i sort everyone’s presents into mailing boxes and then bring them into the study and go from there. so i will take a couple of evenings and some times a few hours on a weekend and lay out everything and start wrapping. most of my things are theme wraps and include ornament embellishments, a special textile, special paper and ribbons. my wrapping is a gift in itself 🙂

    it makes it easier to have everything laid out and sorted prior to beginning the wrapping process 🙂 mailed out the boxes last saturday…

    now tomorrow i will be decorating the tree which stands proudly with nothing on it ^..^

    have a good day.

  8. You forgot to say “It’s Friday and I’m nosy.” So does that mean it’s not really Friday? That would be so wonderful if you would tell me it’s really still Wednesday and I’ve got 2 more days than I thought I did when I woke up this morning with a giant list running through my head of all the things I still need to get done….including some shopping and some wrapping….

  9. I finally finished my Christmas baking, packaged up all of the boxes to be mailed and they are in my car waiting to go to the Post Office along with all of the other presents.
    I finished shopping for The Husband a few weeks ago… I really and truly HATE wrapping though. If someone would put the paper on the package, I’d be extremely happy to “pretty it up” with floral picks, big bows, etc. However, after wrapping and fighting with paper, tape and scissors… I’ve no energy left.

  10. Nope, nothing wrapped here! I usually slap on some paper about midnight on Christmas Eve and hope for the best! LOL

    My daughter is like your mother. To her, the presentation is as much a gift as the gift itself. Her gifts are usually quite lovely.

  11. I used to really get into the wrapping, with curling ribbon and stuff. The last couple of years I’ve become really Scroogey about it. I hate spending all that time and then throwing the paper away.

    So, no, I haven’t wrapped yet. Everything has been purchased, though, so that’s good. And the wrapping paper box is sitting right here behind my desk…mocking me. 🙂 So I’d probably better get to it pretty soon.

    What I really want to do is buy some Christmas fabric and sew reusable gift bags out of it. They wouldn’t get thrown away and wasted, and I could just open a bag, bung a present in, and tie a ribbon around it.

  12. We don’t have a lot of places here to hide stuff so everything I bought has been wrapped for a couple weeks now. Mister keeps his presents for me in his locker and he’ll soon buy a bottle of Wiser’s and a jug of eggnog and swear for two hours while he rolls and tapes – I hide in the bedroom watching a movie or two *eyeroll*

  13. This year I decided to wrap the gifts as I brought them home. I still have to wrapt the stocking stuffers. I’ve only wrapped one of those so far.

    I still have several things to buy.

    I was thinking of the same story Sister Chic thought of. It is funny now, actually it was funny the next day.

    Sometimes I love to wrap, sometimes I dread it. That’s why this year I decided to wrap as I got them.

    I prefer boxes to bags but bags are really convenient. Still prefer boxes.

    Maybe if you play Christmas music that will help you get the oomph!

    Thank you for saying what you did about my wrapping. You too wrap pretty gifts.

  14. My Amazon shipment is on the way, so most of what needs wrapped isn’t even here yet. I’ve wrapped and mailed everything that needed to go.
    I used to be very fussy about wrapping and bows, but now, not so much. I do like to make my own bows…they are sort of an extra little gift. I could easily shove everything into gift bags, but somehow that just doesn’t look right under the tree. A few here and there are OK, but kids want big boxes to open!
    I bought a huge roll of paper from Costco a few years ago and I’m still using it.
    Christmas music and something warm to drink are essential to the giftwrapping process. Falalalalallaalaa

  15. Don’t faint but I haven’t bought a SINGLE gift, yet! Money is tight this year…so we are only buying our own children, there THREE Gifts. I am havinga hard time deciding what to get! Dh and I plan on shopping this weekend.

    I like to wrap gifts, but I would rather give and get gift bags. They are recyclable!

  16. I didn’t buy one gift that needs wrapping…I did all gift cards (the good ones, not the bad ones) and they don’t need any wrapping at all. thank goodness!
    One year I had to wrap a lot of gifts and the only way to get me in the mood was a big glass of champagne.

  17. Hubby and I like to wrap Christmas Eve!!! Actually that is usually because we’ve just finished our shopping on Christmas Eve and the loot needs to be wrapped and put under the tree,

    Normally I would have most of my shopping done and just have the wrapping and mailing (which has yet to be done at this point) but this year I’m struggling with Christmas. For once the girl is doing well with her shopping and wrapping but the boy hasn’t bought anything except for a few friends.

    Boxes are so nice to wrap but bags are so quick and easy – with the added benefit of being easy to carry.

  18. I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE wrapping presents. Thank goodness for gift bags! We wrapped some gifts this year with brown butcher paper decorated by my kiddos and tied with twine. It was crazy cute. I am probably the world’s worst wrapper so my hubby will be wrapping the kid’s presents next week. I already wrapped all the gifts for their teachers, cousins, etc.

  19. Not a single one.

    We like to drag the gifts into one room, throw in a movie (Christmas or otherwise) and wrap everything at once. Otherwise, we’d spend two weeks looking for the tape.

  20. Mostly bought. Will lay everything out on the bed tomorrow and start wrapping. With a big mug of egg nog and some TWD cookies. I love wrapping gifties. Learned how working at JC Penney’s one Christmas. Mix and match ribbons and paper and colors. Country with brown paper and plaid bows. Contemporary with white freezer wrap and red/green bows. Love it. Hang in. Cheer up. Christmas is here….

  21. I have not wrapped anything yet. Unless it’s a gift for someone other than my boys, I wait until Christmas Eve to “wrap” things up. I try to go with a theme on my wrapping paper. One year I did all shiny metallic, kinda funky paper and bows. One year was all snowmen. This year is sorta primitave/country style. But my paper and bows and tags all have to coordinate! I get that from my mom (Sheri) I am sure.
    I go as far as to keep the paper hidden from the peeping eyes in my household. I’m don’t want to explain why Santa uses the same paper I do!

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