December 18

I love taking candid shots of people.

Not to embarrass them, but because I love capturing the ‘essence’ of who they are.

Nothing does that better than candid shots.

For instance, the other day before we began to make cookies.

The girl was eating some melon.


And she realized that I was taking her picture instead of Chefboy’s.

Chefboy can not stand to have his picture taken.

He never has liked it.

We have him on video when he was about 4 or 5, running away from my dad  saying “Pawpaw…stop picturing me!”

And when I began to take Chefboy’s picture, he says something like…

“Mom!  Please don’t take my picture.”

“Seriously mom, please stop!”

So I just go into the other room and do it from there.

I can’t stop.

I think it is an addition.

And I don’t want an intervention.



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15 thoughts on “December 18”

  1. My sister is a real funny gal – she thinks it’s super funny to snap a pic while someone’s in the shower, on the toilet, or sound asleep (usually in some “pose” she’s created for them). She does NOT like it if we turn the tables on her however!

  2. I am a loyal member of your fan base on getting the candid shots. I much prefer the ones that just happen as opposed to those that are staged. I will admit to preferring to being behind the camera though I really am hoping to change that within the next year or two.

    Do not seek an intervention. If they don’t like it then they can get their own cameras and take candid shots as well. 😀

  3. you crack me up…just letting you know, I read you every morning out here in sunny California….I can’t start my day without you!

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