December 16

I just can. not. stand.  fruit in my cookies or cake.

I can’t.

With the exception of the granola grabbers we made in August, but those don’t count ’cause they had chocolate in them.

To me, there is just something unAmerican about fruit in cake or cookies.

I refuse to make oatmeal raisin cookies.   I use butterscotch chips instead.

I refuse to put raisins in carrot cake….ewwwwww!

Fruit cake….oh…gag!

Mince meat pie…I don’t even want to go there.

When I saw that today’s TWD was Buttery Jam cookies (picked out by Heather of Randomosity and the Girl ), I was wracking my brain (which wasn’t hard considering the condition my brain is in) trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make these cookies without putting jam in them.

I really fiddled with this recipe.

Instead of ginger, I put in cinnamon.

Instead of milk, I put in some Hazelnut coffee creamer.

Let us just pause here for a moment while I say that this dough is absolutely fabulous.

I ate some.

Then I ate some more.

The boy ate some.

And he ate some more.

I had to quickly make these cookies before the dough was gone!

Truly, I could have left them just like  that, but then I wouldn’t be able to call them Butter ‘Jam’ cookies could I?, so I put some strawberry jam on them.

These little bite size cookies are wonderful.

Dorie says they are great with tea.

Chocolatechic says they are great  standing beside your island in your kitchen while the girl washes the dishes, or walking through your living room to watch TV, or sitting down at your computer to read your email, or after everyone has gone to bed and you are watching DVR’d Survivor.

Just sayin’.

Go check out Heather’s blog.

The recipe is there.



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49 thoughts on “December 16”

  1. Sweetie, there is something very American about putting fruit in cookies and cake.

    But I don’t like fruit cake either.

    The dough does sound fabulous.

  2. I have to agree… fruit, especially jam in cookies is very British to me!
    Nevertheless, yours look amazing… just like an in-home mini cookie factory!!! Bravo!

  3. You are too funny! I am right there with ya on the no-fruit thing. Growing up, our family always made “suet pudding” which I think is like fruit cake, but more moist, served warm, not as sticky. The best thing about suet pudding is the sauce/frosting – pure delight!

  4. Hehe – I must admit that I *love* fruit in my cookies, so these were a guaranteed winner for me. But I’m glad you were able to tweak them to your liking. Maybe a nice drizzling of chocolate over them would make them even better?

  5. That’s so funny! I thought these would be thumbprint cookies, and that’s what you ended up making. I used egg nog for my liquid. I’ll have to try the creamer if I make these again.

  6. I am shocked…absolutely shocked that there is NO CHOCOLATE over here this week from the chocolatechic…LOL! I had anticipated opening up your site and finding the definitive way to sneak some chocolate in these this week. I noticed Caitlin came through with some ideas for you…ever the supporter of chcolate she is herself! Your writing is so much fun…I love stopping by, always a giggle. I can just see you with those cookies, one here…one there…another over there…LOL. They were THAT good! I like the little thumbprints you made as,I am sure you can guess, I LOVE FRUIT IN COOKIES…but I am sure we can be friends anyway!!

  7. I’m so with you. These cookies are great while you stand over your oven with a tray of them in your hand, simply shoveling them into your face. At least that’s what I did. No one else?

    And I, too, am astounded that you couldn’t find a way to put chocolate in these.

  8. I was SURE that when you said you tinkered, I’d see chocolate. I’m shocked!! But I’m so glad that you enjoyed these cookies with jam, even without chocolate. I think your modifications sound great!

  9. Those cookies look yummy! And, more important at this time of year, they’re beautiful.

    I’m so bummed that I didn’t watch Survivor considering that a guy “down the road” won. Shoot!

  10. I was sooo happy that this years Survivor was actually a good one. One where there was a lot of planning going on.
    Over the top thrilled that Bob won!

  11. These were fantastic! I used nutmeg instead of ginger and I used homemade peach jam on some and Maine blueberry jam on the rest. Oh. my. goodness. Dee-lish!

  12. Those do look really good. I think that I’ll head over and check out that recipe to see if I have all the ingredients to make them. I’ll need to make lots of cookies on Thursday and Friday since I’ve not done any all week.

  13. I love all the changes you made! Jam on top is much better. I am with you on the fruit. I am not a fruit desserts person. I’d much rather have the chocolate!

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