December 15


They are important.

And we have a lot of them.

Every year since the chips were old enough to stand, we started making decorated cut-out sugar cookies a week or so before Christmas.

Every year.

It’s tradition.

This year was no different.

Cookie dough was mixed.

Friends came over.

The girl mixed up some gluten/egg/soy/corn/sugar/casein(dairy) free  chocolate biscotti for herself.

They shared the only rolling pin, and rolled the dough  out in powdered sugar not flour.

Then they got busy.



I love to watch them decorate.

You can tell a lot about a person from how they decorate iced cut out cookies.

His~~practical, lots of icing, and you can tell exactly what they are by how he decorated them.

Hers~~colorful, not quite so much icing, and very much out of the box.


I have found that traditions are not only a comfort, but even in the hardest of times, they make the season seem more special.

What are some of the traditions you do with your family around this time of year?


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  1. We make cookies together too! I grew up making moravian spice cookies with my mom, sister and grandmother. I carry that tradition on with my children, but we also do the cut out sugar cookies. We make chex party mix together and each person adds their favorite cereal or nuts.

    Now, I have a question. Where did you find the large containers of sprinkles and colored sugar? I spend a small fortune buying mine because they come in such small containers.

  2. We make cookies too. And my grandma always makes the most wonderful cookies and candies and mails them to us. It is always a treat when we get them. I can never get mine to taste as good as hers though. Sometimes I dont’ think she gave me the right recipes but, I think she just adds her own special mix of love to go into it.

  3. We will be doing some baking too. 🙂 Besides baking we do our advent calendar, drive around town to see the lights, and visit family.

    I’d like to have that big pink snowflake cookie that the girl made, even though it is pink.

  4. The girl and I make fudge, which we haven’t done yet.

    This year I really need to get back to the traditions if only for keeping life going for the kids because for me…..this is the first year when I really wouldn’t mind if it just passed on by but I cannot do that to my kids, they deserve to have a joyous Christmas full of love and joy just as I had growing up. So this week will be buys working at getting into the Christmas spirit.

  5. We haven’t really had a chance to create traditions yet. I’m all about traditions though. The Husband has just been absent for Christmas too often for me to really create good traditions. We’re working on it though.

  6. Our tradition is that every Christmas Eve we go to our favorite Chinese restaurant for our meal then go to our Christmas eve service at church.

  7. I can’t help but love to watch the clay animation movies that come on every year. I feel like such a little kid when I do, but they’re so great!

  8. Lovely post. My traditions are cookies, too. I’ve got 6 German cookie recipes that my late mother-in-law used to bake every year and send out to family who didn’t live nearby and to share with the rest who were local. When she passed away 6 years ago the day before Thanksgiving, my husband and his two brothers and their two wives agreed that I should “inherit” all of the recipes, the springerle molds, the cutters – their tradition. I’ve always cooked and baked anyway – I learned at my mother’s side, standing on a chair at the counter, just like my kids do now with me.

    So yes, cookies are a huge tradition – flowing from two sides of the family down through me to my kids and, hopefully, beyond.

  9. We watch all the Christmas Carol movies. Last night it was the Muppets Christmas Carol. I love that one. Also the cookie baking and fudge making.

  10. I am all for tradition. Ever since my daughters were little girls we would bake sugar cookies to decorate. Some were eaten, some were to decorate the tree and other were for gift-giving. We also made gingerbread cookies and small gingerbread houses. Today we still bake the cookies together.

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing your Christmas tradition.

  11. Traditions? I watch my wife decorate the tree. I watch my wife make cookies. I watch my wife make a ham and turkey Christmas dinner. And, I watch her doing the gift shopping. Traditions can be hard work sometimes.

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