December 14

I saw this video on another blog I read.

It is very important that you watch it.


I showed it to my husband yesterday morning.

About an hour later, he broke the wood cutting board that the Chefboy made for me.

He is now folding.



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23 thoughts on “December 14”

  1. I guess I’m one of the weird wives who would love a vacuum for Christmas. I also like some power tools (but I have a feeling he would take them over).
    Okay, a thighmaster would be a horrific insult – I think I would have to bop him over the head with that one.
    But I do like practical gifts.
    And I do think maid service would be a great practical gift!

    As for the broken cutting board, if it wasn’t done on purpose, let the poor guy off the hook. I have a feeling he was doing something to help you out anyway.
    However, if he was using it to do something like, oh… say… fix your bathroom floor(you know, to cover the area the license plates have missed) instead of fixing it correctly…. bark, bark, fold, fold.

  2. Okay…the other Ginger threw me for a loop…LOL

    I am so glad Supermen enjoyed the video. It is hilarious!!

    I am so so sorry about the cutting board. Is that the one D made out of the special wood?

  3. That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!

    I remember in our first years of marriage your daddy bought me a toaster oven. I was a really big baby about it and made him take it back. Yeah he was in the doghouse and I felt like crap for putting him there. What a brat I was.

    What is a man to think when I went ga ga over my 1st Christmas gift (before we were married)…an electric skillet, a gift that I loved, that meant we were setting up housekeeping together. Why is it after you’re married it’s the wrong thing? No wonder guys get mixed up by their emotional wives. I still don’t want an appliance for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas…

    I want more of “I’m thinking of you, and not what a great cook or housekeeper you are.

    Guess I’m not the practical one:)

  4. omg! that was soooo funny and soooo true. Since I’ve been maried my hubby has gotten better at giving good gifts. No more vacuums!
    I have to post this video on my blog for more men who are husbands. LOL!

  5. I had that video on my blog last week…it’s hysterical. Even though my husband usually does very well in the gift department, especially this year getting me something that I really, really, really wanted, it cracks me up. Just the whole concept of the doghouse. Funny stuff!

  6. We loved it! Thankfully Uncle Bob has never been in the dog house. I love and ask for practical gifts. His first anniversary gift to me was a nested mixing bowl set which I still have after 29 years. I think I asked for it. He learned a long time age that my middle name is Practical!

  7. Oh how funny this video is! Even my dh and ds loved it! BTW – do you have a good sugar cream pie recipe? I have made several in my life-time and we’ve had to drink them. I made a BobAndy pie once; it was so soupy you couldn’t eat it but the cat thought it was wonderful. TIA

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