December 13

Dear Pink shirted woman who was standing behind me at Aldi yesterday,

You and my girl are about the same height, and have about the same color of hair.

Out of the corner of my eye, I assumed that you were her.

And when I leaned back toward you and said in a hushed tone,  “I really have to pee.   Before we do any shopping at Buehler’s, I HAVE to go to the bathroom”, it wasn’t meant for you.

It was meant for my girls ears only.

A thousand apologies for making you turn as pink as your lovely shirt.


The classy woman in front of you


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22 thoughts on “December 13”

  1. Thats priceless…thanks for making my morning…i thought only I did stuff like that….like the day i told the telemarketer what i was wearing and how much i missed him (i thought it was my husband lol)

  2. That is too funny. I think we can all relate to talking to someone we thought was our husband or child.

    From one classy woman to another!:)

  3. TOO FUNNY! I almost leaned over and caressed the cheek of the man leaning and reading over my shoulder… to the man I thought was my Husband, one time…but caught my self! It was his BOSS!!!! Yikes!

  4. OH my gosh, that’s something I would do. Shortly after Jeremy got home from Iraq, we went to the store. When we were saying bye to the cashier,(we had talked for a long time while she was scanning our food) I told her, Love ya! Bye! I’m so used to telling family ‘LOVE YA, BYE!’ So embarrassed

  5. When I was in the Air Force, I stood in a lot of lines. Your situation reminds me of when a guy in front of me passed gas then, turned around and said, “Jerry!! Give us a break!”. Then he turned and walked away fanning his face. I was a little pink.

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