December 12

I went to a ladies get together last night, and I had the most fabulous grape salad.   (plan on blogging it later)

My nosy question for the day is, when you go to a get together, what is the thing that you most want to see on the buffet table?

I really want to see chicken salad sandwiches, and some sort of cheesy queso dip and tortilla chips.

Oh….and something to do with chocolate.

Couldn’t do without the chocolate.


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25 thoughts on “December 12”

  1. That dip that goes in a hollowed out round bread and then you use bread chunks with the dip. I don’t know what it’s called, but someone at my church makes it and I adore it.

  2. Any bite sized appetizer with phyllo or puff pastry – favorite is gorgonzola cups… chopped tomatoes, bacon and gorgonzola cheese, inside a little phyllo cup, baked til browned on top. Serve piping hot. Yum yum yum!!

  3. Cheeseballs and crackers! I love that stuff. I especially like cheeseballs that have onion in them. My favorite has green peppers, onions and pineapple in it. So yummy! I also like those little ham sandwiches that have a special topping from mustard and poppy seeds. I love fruity desserts. My favorite is little shortbread squares with cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit on top. Now my hubby would request buffalo chicken dip, little hotdogs in bourban sauce and sausage balls.

  4. Hey Chocolatechic~~here’s how lame I am. I have been coming here for quite awhile now. I always wondered how to pronounce the name of your blog. I would say it outloud, different ways and could never quite figure it out. Yesterday I sent someone here to get the recipe for the apple pie you posted on Nov. 17th. As I was typing out your blog address, it hit me chocolate chick.
    Am I correct? Or am I still lame?


  5. Robin~~It is Chocolate chic(k).

    Your not lame.

    I have a friend who’s forum name was Sherinova. I thought that ‘nova’ was her last name, but she lived in Northern Virginia….


    We are not lame!

  6. I had one last night at my house…someone brought Cheesecake and another lady Peanut butter balls covered in chocolate! YUM!

  7. 7 layer Mexican dip ( I don’t even need the chips, and the more guacamole, the better)and cheesecake. I also really like stuffed celery.

  8. Ohhhhh hello! I love that Barefoot Contessa’s Fried Onion Dip. Gooooood Charlotte that is good.
    A reuben dip is good too.
    And a good, homemade buttercream frosted cake is good too.
    I’m hungry now….

  9. Good timing – my boss’s Christmas party is tomorrow night, and I’m bringing a dessert… I’m thinking about making your version of Grandma’s Peppermint Pudding 🙂 That is always so refreshing – not to mention nostalgic!

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