December 10

A lesson in how to reclaim heat loss in your home.


First you plop $10 down at your local Stuffmart for one of these.

Wait till a Sunday right after church so that Superman your man is properly attired.

In a suit and tie.

Allow your man to remove his suit coat for ease of movement.

Find the largest window in your home and have  your man start with that one.

Put double sided tape around the entire window.

Brush off those pesky comments that ‘you are only having him start with that one because it is closest to your computer’.

Measure your plastic BEFORE cutting.

Press it down onto the tape.    Taking great care that it is neatly done.

Get the wife’s blow dryer and warm up that plastic.

Trim up the excess.

If you don’t, you are in danger of seeing your wife’s head spin in circles like something from the Exorcist, and she will make you do it again.

Neatness counts.

Re-hang curtains, taking great care that the ruffles are evenly spaced apart.

If you don’t, she will make you do it again.

That whole neatness thing… it comes into play a lot around here.

Repeat ad nausium till one of 2 things happen.

  1. You run out of plastic
  2. You run out of windows

When your finished, you receive a well deserved rest.

And maybe lunch.



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17 thoughts on “December 10”

  1. I have noticed two things here.

    1. You can’t close your blinds, so you are not able to work at your computer naked anymore.

    2. The only reason this stuff works, is because Superman was wearing a beautiful red shirt while hanging the plastic.

    Does that stuff peel off the paint when you take it down?

  2. 1. There had to be some compromises with the window. I have to have it open. I can not be boxed in, so I gave in on the naked part. Besides it is cold enough here in Pothole to put some clothes on.

    2. Superman is wearing a WINE colored shirt.

    It does peel of some paint, but only in spots and I have paint to retouch if it does.

  3. Superman has napping down to a science. I want his secret – – he DOES NOT look old enough to have grown children. Seriously, what kind of face cream does he use? What’s his beauty regimen? I would venture a guess that you are equally young looking but we don’t see many pics of you. Like a good mom you’re always behind the camera. HA.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. My hubby was supposed to do this while home this time around but other things took presidence – dealing w/a sick and then dead dog 😦 and making sure the wifie poo, me, had a vehicle with properly working 4-wheel drive and a fresh oil change so she didn’t have to keep reminding the boy to check & add as needed the oil.

    I’m thinking that the boy just may get the privilege of helping mom, that would be me, put ours up (at least on the larger living and dining room windows) as we prepare to decorate for Christmas.

  5. Great minds think alike… 🙂 We just did this. I didn’t realize how much cold air we were getting into the dining room from the bay window until we covered the thing. Now that was a tricky window to do…

    Boy has that stuff come along way. YOU may be too young to remember this..;-) But I remember when you would have to use the cardboard strip and staples or tacks. They were so unsightly. This stuff you can hardly tell is on your window.

  6. Do you think these would work on windows without a wooden trim? Our windows only have the wall but the actually window part is surrounded by metal, not much though (about 1/4 wide). Is that big enough to work with?

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