December 8

Saturday, when the girl and I got home from  shopping,  our Saturday thing that we do so well, there was a box on my porch.

I hadn’t ordered anything, so why in the world would there be a box on my porch?

It was from a friend!!!


Maybe there is a giftie inside.

So I brought it in and opened it up.

I love boxes from friends.

Low and behold, there was hot pink tissue paper inside.

Someone hearts Chocolatechic.

oooOOOOOooooooo  Chocolate and more pink tissue.

Someone really hearts Chocolatechic.

Do you know what happens when you get something wonderful, and you squeal with delight?

Other family members come running because they think you have hurt yourself.

Then the family responds something like…

The girl:  ooOOOOoooo pretty pink tissue

Superman:  What is saffron?  can I have some of your chocolate?

Chefboy:  Way cool!   Saffron!   Can I have it.

Thank you Sheri for such a wonderful giftie.

I heart you.

Bring on the Saffron recipes.

I am all prepared!


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12 thoughts on “December 8”

  1. The girl is obviously well trained about colored tissue paper.

    What I’m wondering is if you are sharing the chocolate with the family and if you are allowing the ChefBoy to have/use the Saffron?

    What a sweet friend you have to give you such a gift, she knows you pretty well. 😉

  2. okay, I plead ignorance! What the heck do you make with Saffron…sweet? savory? Do ya mix it with chocolate?????

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