December 7

Internet, I am so ashamed.

I have heathen cats.

I have tried so hard to convert them, but they won’t be converted.

Every morning they worship at the feet of Kibble.

And in the afternoon, they worship at the feet of Kerosun.

They are beginning to convert the girl too.

I have failed misserably.


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16 thoughts on “December 7”

  1. ummm you have snow on your website…I need snow! please share how to do?
    my cat sits, rather covers the heating vent right next to “my” desk and needless to say I am always cold because his chubby little body covers the whole vent.

  2. just a note aside from the cute kits warming themselves by the heater ^..^
    tried you praline pecan recipes this past week…they were yummy. so good that i prepared a huge batch and sent to someone as a gift…they too “raved” at how yummy they were.
    thanks for sharing that with us. i follow your blog and do attempt your recipes when i get a chance. thanks much.

  3. Its your own fault NieceChic. How do you expect a cat to not be a heathen if you name her ‘Whiskey’?????? Or do you even still have that cat? As far as cats go…yours are very pretty, especially your ‘Paris Hilton’ cat

  4. Ha! We have a vent in the floor for the first time, so our oldest cat, Gomer Pyle curls up on the vent and sleeps for hours. When it hasn’t kicked on for a while he stands up and stares at the the vent, begging for it to come on.


  5. I have a feeling all cats are heathens. They worship comfort! They always can find the warm spot in winter and the cool spot in summer. And I’m quite sure they still remember that the ancient Egyptians worshiped THEM!

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