December 4

Can you believe that only a week ago, we all were sitting around a table, making gluttons of ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes?

Some of us had to leave early.

Some of us laid around and ate dodo’s.

Some of us the girl couldn’t find matching socks in her Grandma’s dresser.

All of us missed those that weren’t with us.

I was the one sitting around making a glutton of myself.

How can you not when there is turkey and mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole, and rolls that didn’t raise, and gravy, and sweet potatoes and this fabulous salad that my mom made.


Yes, salad at Thanksgiving.

It was fabulous, but I only ate 3 bites of it, because who wants to eat salad when you are surrounded by turkey, mashed potatoes and 6 different desserts.


I had to have this salad again.

I could eat it every day, and this girl is not a salad eater.

So I called up the mother and asked for the recipe.

Turns out it is a quick throw together salad that you can take all of 5 minutes to make.

First grab yourself a bag of romaine or baby spinach.

A green onion, a handful of pecans (chopped), a handful of craisins, and a handful of feta or blue or gorgonzola cheese.

Throw these all in a bowl together.

Get some red wine.   I got this cute little bottle of Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvingon from Aldi.

Do you know why that cute little owl is winking?

I do.

He is winking because he knows that only suckers purchase $3 bottles of wine and Internet, it tastes like a $3 bottle of wine.

Get a better red wine that this.   Don’t fall for the cute owl.

For the base of your dressing, there is sugar, salt, pepper, soy sauce, red wine, vinegar and curry powder.

I went ewwwwwwwww when ma told me there was curry powder in it, but it makes the dressing.

Don’t leave it out.

Whisk in about 1/3 cup of olive oil, et voila.

Dressing done.

Right before serving, chop up your apple.   I used a Jonnagold, but a Honeysweet or a Gala would be just as good.

Toss the apple in  your salad.

Add the dressing.

Toss again.

Eat for supper.

Internet.   This stuff is so good, that Superman had seconds.

I almost fainted when he… the ‘master of meat and potatoes’… the king of ‘don’t put anything green on my plate’… the ‘I wouldn’t eat broccoli if it were the last thing to eat in this world and I haven’t eaten in 3 days’ man,  put seconds in his bowl.

You must make this, Internet.

Even your meat and potatoes man might like it.


Would y’all like the recipe?

Becky’s Favorite Salad

  • Romaine or baby Spinach
  • Green onion
  • apple
  • cashews or pecans
  • dried cranberries
  • fetta

Toss the above in a bowl.   Right before serving, drizzle dressing over top and toss.   Serve.


  • ½ c. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. red wine
  • 2 tbsp. vinegar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp. pepper
  • ½ tsp. curry powder
  • 1 tsp. soy sauce
  • 1/3 c. olive oil

Mix first 7 ingredients in a small bowl.   Whisk in olive oil and drizzle over salad.



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23 thoughts on “December 4”

  1. We added cashews too, which I love! When Becky made it she put cashews in the salad even though it wasn’t listed in the recipe. I thought I would try that way since I love cashews. You could probably use pecans it you don’t like cashews and want that meaty taste of nuts!

    It really is delicious!

  2. YUM! That sounds delicious! I’m definitely filing this recipe away.

    And it’s too bad that the wine wasn’t good. I’m SUCH a sucker for cute labeled wines and books, etc… And that winking owl would have called out to me, too.

  3. Oh, yum, yum, yum!!!

    You and Superman have the most terrific smiles and the boy is such a great combo of both of you. WOW, you guys made great babies together.

    Glad that your Thanksgiving was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe because I love salad with Craisins and nuts.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. It looks so good I almost licked my computer screen!

    I had a salad just like this with the spinach, craisins and pecans at a very nice restaurant back in March. The cheese was so yummy.

    I may make this for lunch even though I don’t have any red wine. I have some red wine vinegar so I’ll try that.

    Shoot… I don’t have the right kind of cheese. Bummer.

  5. I would love the recipe. I’m not a bottled kind of dressing girl and have been on a salad kick. But it has to have fruit and nuts. And cheese!!! This sounds like a salad that kicks butt. 🙂

  6. I would love the recipe. I’m not a bottled kind of dressing girl and have been on a salad kick. But it has to have fruit and nuts. And cheese!!! This sounds like a salad that kicks butt. 🙂

  7. Sounds fabulous. My uncle makes this amazing sesame crunch salad for holidays that I will *gasp* eat instead of dessert. We have such a huge family that he and his wife make it and toss it into a black garbage bag to transport it! It’s so darn yummy!

  8. I LOVE salads like that! And I really miss soft cheeses – gorgonzola (sp?) is my favorite.

    Oh, well – just six more months 🙂

    Glad you had a great turkey day – miss you!

  9. The girl reminds me so much of your Aunt Mary. Mary did the same things. Walking around in multi-layered robes, big thick socks(that may or may not match), a sleepy head ’till about noon, hugging the nearest human. She did all of that. It was all about comfort, not style.

  10. Not soft cheeses – like feta, gorgonzola, brie, etc. These days, there are a lot of stuff you’re not ‘supposed’ to have while you’re pregnant, like hot dogs, lunch meat unless it’s heated to steaming (risk of listeria), soft cheeses, the list goes on. Oh, well!

    By the way – I made your Toffee Trifle for my class about a month ago.(I teach a freshmen humanities class.) They went NUTS over it. I’m getting ready to make peach cobbler now for our Christmas party (it’s the last class!) – wish I would have asked you earlier for a recipe! I found one in a Southern cookbook, though – if it turns out, I’ll give it to you if you’re interested 🙂

  11. Would a mozzarella cheese work?
    What could you use in place of the wine? I may have to make this for Christmas or if it will keep 2-3 days maybe just for me to much down on in my quest to eat more healthy meals.

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